I Choose a Joy-Filled Life

Joy feels like love! Joy is about the most amazing energy there is. We fly high, spirit souring, infused with a smile, laughter, and pure delight. Our feet don’t touch the ground, and our heart is the heartbeat of the angels. I choose joy! Don’t you? What are the alternatives? Sadness? Grief? Never ending exasperation? I decided I did not … Continue reading

Living in the Now

Week 4 of the Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care daily Mindful Minutes is found on my new Facebook page www.facebook.com/janetgnestor. Take a look, think through the comments and questions and enjoy the sparkles you create. We all want to lead a grounded, capable, powerful, clear minded life. We want make good choices and decisions. We want to feel the expansion … Continue reading

Trust the Process

Do you trust the process of life? I know that I’ve struggled with process learning and trust, and for a long time I don’t think I even knew what it meant to “live in process”. “Living in process is about living – spiritual living and living spiritually. We all have the opportunity to live completely, fully, wholly, joyfully, serenely with … Continue reading

Joy-Full You!

Guest post by Joan Kappes Imagine you released all limiting beliefs, regrets or thoughts which caused you to decide that ‘this is just the way it is’. Imagine you released all sense of lack, fear, worry, doubt, shame, smallness and distrust of yourself. Imagine you let go of the need to control or the need to hold-on to whatever you believe … Continue reading