Scheduling an Appointment

For Janet's integrative and holistic mental health counseling services, all new clients begin with a free consultation over Zoom or over the phone.

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Women's Healing Circle

Janet facilitates Women's Healing Circles several times a year. They usually run in 8-week cycles and include a meditation, the Healing Circle itself, and closing imagery. You will also be invited to a private Facebook Group and our ongoing reunion circles.

Our Women’s Healing Circles are priceless. They attract beautiful souls. Many of us have made life-long friends within our circles. Together, we have created a healing circle family.

Communication with Spirit and Sacred Art

Janet's intuitive abilities allow her to connect to Spirit and offer a wide variety of additional services and products such as spiritual coaching, aura drawings with intuitive readings for everyone including pre-birth babies and those who have passed on, and harmonizing art that calms and heals, but also increases self-awareness and mindfulness.