Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers

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The newest edition is updated with a new cover and Yeshua’s Prayer to Humanity. Here is the full version of the foreword that was originally written for the book.

Beginning sometime in the late 1990s, I began a personal student-teacher relationship with Yeshua, who is also known as Jesus the Christ. My friend and I were engaged in a beautiful spiritual contemplative discussion every Thursday morning. We sought spiritual understanding within the Christian tradition. One of our goals was to learn to process increased amounts of spiritual energy. 

We felt this necessary because we were both energy healers, and we wanted to increase our helping capacity, enrich our own lives, and our understanding of Christ, his teaching, his ministry, and his death. To accomplish this, we asked a question, asked for the presence of Yeshua, his Father, and the Holy Spirit, and began a silent meditation during which answers came to us with almost identical content.

Archangel Michael Arrives

One Thursday, out of the blue, Archangel Michael showed up at our discussion. We felt him before we saw him floating in the right-hand corner of the room. Somehow, we instantly knew who he was. His loving presence filled the room, and it filled us. We were blissful.

During that first visit he was dressed in his battle gear. He looked like a very handsome young man with blond hair that touched the neckline of his garment. He had mesmerizing blue eyes. His battle gear looked much like the pictures we see of Roman soldiers. He wore a metal vest, and I can still see the dull sheen of the armor. The vest had metal beads and stunning gems around the neckline and around the waistline. The opening must have been in the back, but I never saw the back of his clothing.

He wore an apron with segmented plates that moved when he moved. The waist of the apron was magnificently ornate and heavily jeweled. There was ornamentation at the tip of each panel. He was holding his battle sword, and it appeared to be alive as there was a shimmer around it. The grip and hilt of the sword were heavily jeweled. I clearly remember the rubies on the sword and on his clothing, but I no longer remember the appearance of the other assorted and multi-colored jewels. He held the sword at his side and then upright so we could get a good look at it. In his other hand, he carried a shield that was sometimes a rather small disc with a grip, and at other times it was large enough to shield a large part of his body. His movements were easy and relaxed, and his energy was overpoweringly loving and gentle. We were in awe.

His first lesson was about our awe. We were told that awe was not useful to us and that his appearance was normal and meant to be the norm for all humans. He asked us to relax and be present with him so he could teach us. We did our best to do as he asked. We accepted the gift of his time and wisdom without being speechless. We were also able to listen and occasionally ask questions during his lessons. Mostly, we just listened.

He came to our study time on a fairly regular basis for many weeks. Occasionally, he’d arrive casually dressed in a loose fitting oatmeal-colored robe with a tie at the waist. The tie was very simple and was a very special color, similar to his robe. The color was unknown to us. It was not jeweled. It tied easily and hung softly on his robe, so it was made of a soft material. Other than its presence at his waist that demanded to be noticed, it was rather ordinary in appearance. I never asked him about the significance of the tied belt, but I wish I had.

Archangel Michael’s Sword

After many visits, he simply stopped coming. There was no warning; he just was not there. We’d grown by leaps and bounds and our sense of self had expanded in a positive and humble way. Our lives were changed forever, and we found ourselves on a spiritual path of a magnitude we’d not envisioned.  Some of Archangel Michael’s teachings were seeds of understanding that would gradually sprout into wisdom. Most remembered and humbling was his gift of his sword. At our last visit with him, we each received an energetic copy that was a smaller version of his sword, including jewels. We were given permission to use it if we ever found ourselves in spiritual danger. Somehow, as time passed, I forgot about the sword, which sounds impossible and was certainly not very wise. Much later, because I’d experienced some negative energetic challenges, I remembered the sword was there for my use in an emergency. While I’ve never used the sword. These days I don’t forget about Archangel Michael’s gift. I’ve seen him use his sword once, and it was a stunningly emotional experience.

I was channeling a young man who’d died unexpectedly in an auto accident. The young man kept appearing to my daughter and to me, and we were working through unfinished business. In one swift second, the young man decided to teach me a lesson about protection. He screamed at me, being honest, that “Not all beings in spirit are of the light!” Of course, I knew that, but I have to admit I was often too relaxed with my work and did not always use adequate protection. As he screamed and lunged at me, his head turned into the head of a wolf in kill mode with mouth wide open, teeth horribly bared to rip me to shreds. I don’t remember all the details because of the suddenness of the attack. My fear response caused me to back quickly away from the energy of it. I do remember Archangel Michael was instantly there. Using his sword, Archangel Michael cut off the head of the wolf in one swipe, and the head tumbled to the ground. As quickly as the wolf’s head came off, the head and face of the young man was there to replace it. It felt as though Archangel Michael had committed a violent act, and it was hard for me to digest the swift use of the sword, as I know him as a loving, gentle being. As I worked through the emotions associated with the angry wolf and the use of the sword, I understood that one of Archangel Michael’s jobs is to protect all of humanity. I realized my young friend in spirit was restored to a non-angry state of being, and both of us were unharmed. I’d learned the lesson that was being taught, and all I needed was energetic clearing work. We’d both received a healing gift, and I am confident the wolf was also offered love and healing.

Yeshua Becomes My Teacher

About the time my friend and I thought we were on our own in our exploration, Yeshua the Christ, showed up and told us he was now our teacher. Once again, we were told not to be in awe and to relax and learn. We could sense him, feel his loving presence, and hear his voice. Occasionally I could see him. If he was in the room, we knew exactly where he was, even if he was not visible to us. Just as Archangel Michael had done, he answered our questions in a relaxed and loving way. Unlike Archangel Michael, Yeshua the Christ led us on journeys deep into spiritual energy, to places where the energy was so vibrant and strong that both of us struggled to handle the frequency. We were learning to be in high-frequency spiritual energy that was pure love, and his desire was for us to meet his Father. It wasn’t easy because of the intensity and pressure of the physical sensations, especially for me. We were never able to stay in the tunnel-like structure long enough to meet his Father.

The Vision of the Crucifixion

One day, during one of our teachings with Christ, I was spiritually taken from the room to the physical scene of the crucifixion. I found myself standing in front of the cross with a group of men and women, some of whom I recognized and some of whom I did not. His mother, Mary, was part of the group. While I experienced the vision with my Janet-consciousness, I was not Janet; I was in the role of Mary Magdalene. I was dressed in the dress of the day and had a different appearance. I was in absolute grief and sobbing and almost inconsolable. I can’t describe the crushing intensity of the feelings I experienced. All of a sudden, his spiritual body separated from his physical body which was hanging alive above us. He walked over to me, put his arm around my shoulder.  We walked across the grassy fields away from the crowd and away from the cross. As we walked together, he consoled me and once again patiently explained his mission so I could understand. I listened and understood as best as I could in the midst of my grief. I felt somewhat relieved. Once I felt a bit better, I was instantly back in my chair. My friend was waiting patiently for me to return to my body. My body had stayed in the room, seated comfortably in my office chair, but my essence had been with Christ.

Christ told me (while I was experiencing life as Mary Magdalene, whom Yeshua called Marium) that he wanted and needed his teachings to be remembered. The events of the day and the days after his crucifixion and resurrection would secure the story and would be told over and over again for years to come. He needed to die, rise again to physical life, interact with his inner circle of friends and family, and be seen by one or two people who were instrumental in ending his ministry and his life. He told Marium he’d made plans for her, making sure she would be cared for after his death. He’d assigned his friend Peter to look after her. I was allowed to see and experience all of this as Mary Magdalene (Marium). I experienced in my body the solitary life she lived as she recovered from her grief and prepared to have her child. Once Mary Magdalene’s (Marium’s) mourning time was at an end, Peter relocated her and her new daughter, Sarah, to a safe location far away.

As the days went by, my insights about Christ’s death grew, and I knew I understood his sacrifice at a deeper level. My soul no longer mourned the event, and the grief lifted. I knew his death was not really a sacrifice but an enormous gift to all of humanity through his example of a life lived in pure love and harmony with creation. He’d let the world know he was who he said he was in no uncertain terms. He’d appeared to his family to soothe them, and to his inner circle to continue his teaching, and to reassure them they would continue to experience his love and support. It was a dangerous time for all who loved him, and he assured all of his loved ones, including his followers, that he would always be available in spirit form.

Over the years, I’ve spoken with and been taught by Christ on several occasions. At some point he asked me to no longer call him Christ, which was a title. He asked me to speak to him using his given name, Yeshua. I made the change, and I continue to speak to him as my friend, the trusted leader of my spiritual family and spiritual guidance team.

Yeshua Asks Me to Write His Story

The story of my relationship with Yeshua continues to unfold. Sometime around the end of May or the first days of June 2014, Yeshua very calmly asked me to write his story. I said that I would. I didn’t have the first clue as to how I would accomplish the task because I didn’t know enough about his life to tell his story. I’d learned a lot of spiritual concepts and learned some about his personal life through Mary Magdalene (Marium) and through his interactions with me. However, I only had the answers to questions I’d asked and other information that was pertinent to the various spiritual topics that influenced my growth. What was I to do?

After lots of contemplation and meditation and telling several trusted friends what I’d been asked to do, I decided I’d let Yeshua tell me what he wanted rather than wasting time trying to figure it out on my own.

Writing Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers

Once that decision was made, things began to happen very quickly. One night, after sleeping soundly for a couple of hours, I began a series of lessons from spirit on how to wrap up in my own energy field to accelerate healing and extend my life. This practice was to preserve my energy, build my energy and stamina, stop any energetic leaks, and provide protection regarding any negative energy from my environment and negative people I might encounter. I’d also been told I could teach this technique to the men and women I work with, and I have!

The teachings were interactive. The sensations were heightened and pleasantly relaxing. I was given information and then I immediately experienced the results of that information with an awareness that taught me what was possible.

In 2014, I met an amazing human spiritual teacher through a friend. We talked via a phone call on June 18, 2014. I told her about the techniques I’d learned through spiritual instruction and let her know I’d been asked to write Yeshua’s story. She asked me to try a new kind of meditation that I was not eager to try. I already knew the meditation, and it did not excite me. I couldn’t bring myself to chant with the CD. I stopped doing my qi gong. I stopped my meditative walking. I was doing nothing other than preparing to write Yeshua’s story.

Every day, I listened to meditation. The first time I listened, I found myself staring right into Yeshua’s face. I decided to keep listening, but I never saw him again. I was still trying to write, but not much was happening.

In order to begin to write Yeshua’s story, I’d sit down at my computer with the meditation CD playing and wait for something to happen. All I had to do was sit still, keep my mind empty of my own thoughts, and type exactly what I heard. One day, Yeshua simply began to speak. I rushed to open the file I’d already labeled “Yeshua” and began to type. It was awkward and I fumbled in my rush to record every word. On June 22, 2014, I received the first dictation; the first pages of Yeshua’s story were written. On August 5, 2014, exactly 45 days from the first message, I completed listening and writing down the 100th message.

When I write, I think very quickly and type just as quickly. I make lots of typing mistakes, lots of grammatical errors, and sometimes my stream of thoughts is more of a jumble than a stream. I spend a lot of time editing. Surprisingly, I had very little editing to do with the messages I’d received. I was making few typos. I have only a few misplaced punctuation marks. Nothing needed to be rewritten.

Hearing Yeshua’s Thoughts

As I listened and recorded Yeshua’s words, I often could hear his thoughts. So, as I re-read each passage, I noticed an occasional place where I’d left out a word or missed a word or a phrase. When this happened, I added a word or phrase by placing parentheses around it to signify the addition. Otherwise, his words are exactly as he spoke them including his own re-writes.

I keep wondering, “Why me?” Why am I lucky enough to be taught personally by Archangel Michael and Yeshua? My spiritual family members offer some clues, but no verification. I had my DNA tested to clarify my genetics, both maternal and paternal. What I know so far about my maternal lineage, and of great surprise because I was raised Christian, is that I am from the J-1 group of Jewish descent known as the Sephardic Jews, the original Israelites. This may be a coincidence, but perhaps not. Who knows? I hope you enjoy your journey through Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers as much as I’ve enjoyed hearing them and writing them down. I’ve learned a lot. I hope you do too.