The Tao of Living a Woman’s Life

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates to mean union.
 The Tao translated to mean The Way. Both philosophies, and the practice of them, lead to coexistence with self, life, and the Creative flow of the Universe and a development of personal unity consciousness. In unity consciousness, we live from a heart that has embraced pure love.

While these philosophies sound as though they might foster the creation of a very passive, boring existence, they create the exact opposite. Those who practice the way of union and balance find themselves more alive and enthusiastic than ever before. Awareness creates enthusiasm, and enthusiasm generates creativity and action.

What is a woman’s Tao?  How do we find The Way while living our busy, get-it-done-now life? And, once we find The Way, how do we keep ourselves within the flow?  How do we live our professional journey and maintain a healthy, balanced family life and maintain our friends and social relationships?

As a professional, wife, mom, and grandmother I’ve had to find The Way for myself and help clients find Their Way to a happy conscious life. I’ve found that if I view my life from the perspective that all our journeys are spiritual, my perspective begins to create The Way of unity almost automatically.

Each person finds The Way that meets their unique needs. I’m going to share some of my ideas, and I suggest that you embrace only what feel right to you, and leave the rest. Finding unity through finding The Way is a process journey of trial and error, but as you find the components that feel right to you, keep them and keep adding information, perspectives, and beliefs that help you continue to grow.

First, there is an art to keeping our mental-emotional balance even when life throws us a curve. I believe that the art is based in trust of self, life, and the creative force that maintains all life.

Find your center and learn how to stay grounded in your body and grounded in life. Anxiety and worry take us out of our stressed-out bodies and numb us, and we don’t even know that we are not fully alive. Take a yoga class, a breathing class, or a Tai Chi class and learn what it feels like to be fully anchored in your own body and mentally clear and aware. Learn to identify your own energy flow and begin to encourage inner balance. You can do this!

Schedule quiet time every day and use it to honor your inner being. Meditation and contemplation are two basic ways to become acquainted with your soul-self, your mind, your thoughts, and your body. If resting meditation is challenging, try breathing meditation or walking meditation. Nature helps to quiet our mind and body. Walk barefoot in the grass or go sit under a tree.

Listen to and journal about the wisdom you receive during quiet time. Journaling helps you integrate your new wisdom into your daily life. During quiet time we learn to listen with our whole sensory system, not just with our ears or our eyes. Multi-sensory listening allows our newly gained wisdom to flow more easily into our conscious thoughts, behavior, and decision. The more sensory experiences, the better.

Take time to create a friendship group of happy, like-minded people, and then spend quality time with them. As we grow we become healthier and attract others who are healthy and fully dedicated to living a balanced, happy life-style. Each of us has the right to choose love and positive relationships free of emotional pain and chaos.

Learn to view anxiety as a teacher because it is a signal that change is needed.  No matter how severe the symptoms, you can overcome them. Of course anyone can be in a situation where professional treatment for anxiety is needed, so seek help if you need the support. Prescription medications are a quick fix, but it is also necessary to understand the underlying causes of your stress and worry. As you resolve these underlying causes and hidden needs, the anxiety disappears.

Make peace with your calendar and your clock. Time is only a problem when we make it a problem. There is enough time for all the essentials in your life, even though it might not feel that way. Get the rest you need, keep a balanced schedule, and then reap the positive results.

Live in harmony with mother nature and the natural world. Coexist. Honor all life, human and otherwise. Honor the life of our planet, our solar system, and our universe. Honoring all life is honoring ourselves and those that we love. Coexistence makes our world a kinder place to live.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself. It takes the same amount of time to be kind to yourself as it takes to beat yourself up or bully yourself. Beating yourself up is emotionally painful. Being kind to yourself is emotionally supportive and empowering. It never pays to choose pain.

Choose love as a way of life. Live from the heart! This last year I’ve been part of the #IAmChoosingLove project. Consciously choosing love is far different than saying I love you or simply thinking you are a kind and loving person. Choosing love as a way of life changes you and changes those around you in positive ways that you never knew were possible.