365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything

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The 365 stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical and far reaching a life shift can truly be.

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I’ve decided to share one of my stories with you. I hope it inspires you to read 364 more authentic life shift stories!

Time for A Change

Thirty years ago, I’d just moved to a new city and had not yet chosen my network of medical providers. I was experiencing a lot of abdominal pain that worsened with exercise, and I felt some urgency to obtain a diagnosis. I depended on the phone book and some casually given suggestions, and then obtained an appointment with a gynecologist who was part of the teaching faculty at a local medical school.

I learned the pain was caused by fibroid tumors and was also told I needed immediate surgery because I was at high risk for other disease. My insurance dubbed the fibroid tumors a pre-existing condition and surgery was postponed for six months. On the day of surgery my uneasiness escalated to dread. As the spinal block was administered, I intuitively knew I was in a life-threatening situation.

A hysterectomy usually takes about ninety minutes, but mine lasted 5 ½ hours. Endometrial growth – uterine tissue growing outside the uterus – had wound around my urinary bladder and threaded itself through my intestines.

Eventually the soreness of the abdominal incision lessened, but I was sick and weak. I sought a second opinion from a gynecologist who refused to treat me, however she did diagnose the problem. A piece of peritoneal tissue was sewn into the cervical area incision and was bulging out and infected. She sent me back to the original surgeon for an in-office procedure that was meant to correct the mistake. No antibiotic was prescribed, the wound healed, but the infection lingered. I knew without proper treatment I would die.

I asked for spiritual guidance and was led to Dr. Parmela Brewster, a Homeopathic and Ayurvedic physician. Her eyes saw me, and without words I knew I’d found the help I needed. Her medical wisdom supported my healing journey and opened my eyes to new health and wellness options that eventually led me to a new career.

I became more spiritually aware. Instead of living as a human being with spirit, I lived as a spirit clothed with a human body.

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