2016 Election

The election has been difficult for America no matter what party you’ve chosen to follow. We have struggled, we have worried, and we have prayed for insight. Yesterday I posted this article on my Facebook Author page and decided to post it here on MindfulPathways too. I hope that it helps you answer some questions and helps you find your path of peace as we move forward together as a country.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my holistic doctor in Annapolis. I don’t get to see him often these days, so when I go I have lots of questions. As always, he took my blood pressure and then he took it in the other arm. Same left and right. However, for the first time in my life, I had high blood pressure. I was shocked and I diagnosed myself – extreme election response. Blood pressure back to normal today after a morning of balancing and breathing and embracing the information I already know to be true.

A couple of days before the election I was worried about the outcome – so worried my spirit family told me to “cool it” – but not in those words. The exact words were “we have this”. On hearing that I knew I could relax. Regardless of the outcome, I knew I could relax. I had some insights. Even spirit has plan A and plan B, and when we are not ready for plan A, we fall back into plan B which is more chaotic and painful for all of us. That is where we are now – we are all going back to school to learn to love and care for each other. Many political leaders world-wide, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump, President Obama, and religious leaders like the Dalai Lama and Pope Frances have roles to play in our birthing process. Here is some of what I’ve learned.

WE ARE COMING TO AN END OF AN ERA. We are evolving as a species. We are moving to a higher level of consciousness. We are moving from a physical plain of suffering and separation – The Third Dimension which is a level of consciousness that allows and even encourages us to “fight” Survival is key and we depend on our instincts as much as our minds. We are territorial in our thinking; therefore, we have discrimination, wars, and violence. We live in a material world and believe our body is our true identity. We plan, scheme, are critical, obnoxious, and we love to argue to prove our point. We have little respect for each other and almost none for animals and our Earth. We want to win at all costs. Aren’t you glad we are growing out of this stage!

WE ARE GRADUALLY BECOMING FOURTH DIMENSIONAL BEINGS. We are working to achieve harmony and balance between our mind-body-emotions and spirit. In this state, we are more intuitive, have spiritual experience and work through their meaning using our emotional skills. We are no longer tied to the physical plane and are able to intuitively interact with our environment and the people in it. We are working out our karma, having “out of body experiences”, and we are polarized between the light and the dark, the good and the evil. We are no longer linear thinkers – and more able to expand our vision to visualize a world of peace – and our own inner peacefulness.

To make it more complicated and wonderful, there are fifth dimensional light beings on our planet now. Some fifth dimensional beings are here to teach and guide us – to lead us all into the fourth dimension. Fifth dimensional beings are based in love and live from the heart. People who’ve had near death experiences have visited this level of reality and many come back with expanded views of life and the reality of who we are. Some come back with talents and wisdom they did not possess before. The fifth dimension creates a softer world and the world that we might call heaven. We are living consciously and sometimes channeling our own soul self – or other beings of love and light.

We are living in a world where all three dimensions exist on the same dense plane of existence. We are all not getting our needs met and some of us are in pain and angry because we don’t know what is happening to our world or to us. It is time to let go of the world as a third dimensional planet and embrace it as a new world – a fourth dimensional world that is wiser, kinder, and more connected to the energy that created everything.

The answer is learning to love all living beings, leaving criticism and judgement behind is to work with the love and light in all of us, rather than trying to work with our more base, dense, violent instincts. If we want to end violence, war, and discrimination – it is our responsibility to take charge of our lives and grow into the light beings that we are.

Love to All,



  • Janet, ‘Thank you’ for this reflection. We are moving……….and, as always we have the gift of free choice. I often said to my daughters as they were growing up, ‘There is an easy way and a hard way….you get to choose’. As for me these days, I am learning to choose Love 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hello Joan. Yes, the best answer to all hard questions is to choose the most loving response.

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