What Makes a Positive life Positive?

Published previously at Selfgrowth.com Life feels positive when you experience happiness. Happiness is one of many ingredients that make a positive life positive. However, it takes many more ingredients to create the positive life you want. When you are productive, you feel positive. You feel balanced and connected to the big picture. You feel you…

Mindfulness and Child Abuse

Mindfulness is a wonderful coping strategy for everyone! It is an essential life skill for individuals with anxiety, panic, addictions, eating disorders, chronic depression, chronic autoimmune diseases like lupus or chronic fatigue, for care givers, for those living with someone who is abusive, addicted or seriously mentally ill. With mindfulness, which produces a higher level…

Pender County Earth Day Celebration

Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Poplar Grove Plantation from 10am-3pm.
During the day long event, Janet will give a talk based on her book Pathways to Wholeness:  “Healing Self-Healing Earth”. There will be a short talk and then a meditative walk on the nature trail at Poplar Grove Plantation.  Children and pets are welcome.