What Makes a Positive life Positive?

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Life feels positive when you experience happiness. Happiness is one of many ingredients that make a positive life positive. However, it takes many more ingredients to create the positive life you want.

When you are productive, you feel positive. You feel balanced and connected to the big picture. You feel you are a contributing part of a work team, a family a community. You are following the beam, like an airplane coming in for a landing. You are listening to your inner-self and living and working from your beautiful center, your place of unity. You are able to accept praise and love and give praise and love to others.

Perceiving yourself as worthy feels positive. When you listen and hear what your inner voice has to say, what your guides and teachers have to say, you have a mission, a goal, a place on the planet that feels worthwhile and important. You feel you are contributing to the betterment of mankind. You are making the world a better place to be, one word, one breath, one act at a time.

Positive beliefs make us positive men and women. Beliefs shape your life, determine your goals and form the basis of every decision. Positive beliefs lead to a positive life. Negative beliefs lead to negative actions and negative outcomes. Ever hear of a thought reversal? Thought reversals are distorted, problem beliefs or thoughts that get into your mind and cause havoc in your life. Here is EMDR’s list of core beliefs. It is a comprehensive list. Take a look and check out your beliefs. Sometimes we really don’t know negativity is lurking within!  (click here)

Emotional and spiritual self-care are like success meters – the success meter chimes when you are tending to your emotions and your spiritual needs. The most positive thing you can do is love yourself deeply and care for yourself emotionally and spiritually. When you do this consistently, you morph into a new and better version of yourself. You enjoy life more. You seem to accept what is, living a reality based life, continuing to grow and become. You smile a lot, laugh a lot and create a lot of new ways of being for yourself and others.

Emotional self care is about parenting yourself with the same nurturing love and consideration you show your children. You fix their boo–boos. Comfort them when they are frightened. Cuddle them when they are sleepy and hold them and hug them when they feel vulnerable. You answer their questions with patience and love. You help them find lost toys. You teach them to brush their teeth, wash their hair, eat healthy food and to say no when they don’t like something or when something or someone does not feel safe to them. Often, you are not as patient with yourself. You criticize and judge yourself – punish yourself when you make a mistake – deprive yourself when you feel you are over indulgent – often without even thinking. As an adult, you still need the same kind of positive interactions you needed as a child.

Spiritual self-care? Well, this is a little harder and a little more challenging because some of us don’t view ourselves as spiritual beings. You might not even believe in a higher power or universal wisdom.

No matter what your beliefs, you want to belong to something. You want to be accepted and included. Belonging and acceptance are essential spiritual needs. As part of the big picture you are a citizen of planet Earth, a citizen of a country, a state, a city, a community, a family. If you easily find acceptance at various levels of existence you view yourself positively, seeing yourself as worthy member of your group. If you feel alienated from your group, you doubt yourself, feeling flawed or different.

Living virtuously, gives you spirituality whether you use the S word for it or not. Virtuous living means you have positive beliefs, social graces, a sense of right and wrong and are making an effort to live within your belief system. Life is positive when your actions are consistent with your beliefs. When congruency exists internally, you are living a positive life.

Laughter and joy are the spices that create a positive shield around you and a positive chemistry within. When you are laughing and full of the joy of being, all thoughts are positive. Even when things are going wrong, if you can find reasons to laugh, the problem ceases to be as overwhelming.

Unconditional Love. You want it. You need it. Sharing it makes life bearable, worthwhile and yes, it makes life more FUN! You need and receive unconditional love like a person lost on a dessert needs and receives a drink of water. It is essential, and if you don’t have it, you cease to thrive.

Positive intentions, positive content, positive outcomes. These three positives are your guide to creating positive thought and your guide for creating a positive day, a positive work environment, a positive family and a positive life!


  • Body detox does help a LOT of things. It usually helps with our immune system and reduces that tired worn out feeling because our body is not working as hard to keep us going. The result can be increased energy! Other things do play a factor: Our belief system, our feelings of security and safety, moods etc.

    Thank you for you comment. I appreciate you taking the time to read the article and comment.

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