By now many of you know that my newest book Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages was published the end of May 2015. The messages contain a great deal of wisdom from the teacher Yeshua as he told his stories to me one after another until all one Hundred were recorded. Many human beings suffer from a lack of self-worth. If … Continue reading


We all know what an anchor is. We throw it over the side of the boat, the anchor sinks, and the boat becomes stationary. It is still. Parked. It stops moving except for bouncing a bit on the current or the waves. Anchors do the same job for us. Wherever we throw in our anchor, we stay. For example, if … Continue reading


We are all teachers. We are all messengers. What I know now that I once did not know is that we are all teachers and we are all messengers. Listening while Yeshua dictated his book taught me this very valuable lesson. Every single person alive has a specific message to deliver to one person, to a family, or perhaps even … Continue reading


Connection is a feeling of inner strength that is self-empowering. It is free of ego and filled with the love that flows from the heart. Positive connection connotes a powerful relationship with self or another. If I say I feel connected in life, I feel happy to be alive, I am fully present within my body, and I feel worthy … Continue reading


For Humanity It is necessary to love yourself before you can love life. It is necessary to love life before you can feel successful. It is necessary to feel successful before it is possible to feel contentment. For all other life In order for me to stay alive and preserve my species, it is necessary for humanity to live with … Continue reading