Prayer for Peace

We are all thinking about World Peace and creating a loving non-violent world. Each of us, regardless of country, race, and religion seek to feel safe in our homes and confident that are children are safe.

I must have been dreaming, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember a dream. I woke up this morning (October 6, 2018) saying a prayer. The words were flowing through my mind in a most beautiful way. The prayer asked me to be positive and supportive instead of critical, judgmental, or fearful. These three emotions never create positive change.

My worry and concerns simply create more worry and unease – the exact opposite of my intention. I don’t recall every word of the prayer, but, I do remember some of the words, the topics, and the essence of its message. The first thing I did after I woke up was go to my computer write out all that I remembered. I hope you feel the love and care as strongly as I did.


Dear God,

The one God of all religions: the one who is called by different names by different people from different cultures.

We ask for peace and unity in our country and throughout the world. May peace and love be for all people whether they are citizens, immigrants, or visitors – whether their skin is white, brown, or black – whether their hair is blond, red, brown, or black – curly or straight – we honor them as fellow human beings.

Teach us to be good to each other – to take care of each other no matter our choice of religion, our gender, sexual identity, our state of health, our age, our handicaps, our intellectual gifts, whether we are wealthy or homeless.

Help us teach our children to be good to other children – to never make fun of another person for any reason – to never bully someone just because they can.

We pray that our children have moral and ethical role models in positions of power, so they learn to live in peace and love when they are young – learning the value of all people and all life.

Help us recognize our common humanity and realize that we are here for each other and we are here to take care of all life on this planet – never to torture or abuse any form of life – but only to show love and compassion.

Teach us, one by one, to take care of our planet so that it remains part of our solar system and inhabitable by our children and grandchildren for many generations to come.

May our hearts be at peace and our communities exhibit our individual peacefulness.


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