Women’s Healing Circle: Speaking Your Truth (Online) – Beginning May 26

Women's Healing Circle

Our 9-Session Healing Circle begins May 26 at 7:00PM.

Each Healing Circle lasts approximately 90 minutes, is limited to 8 women who enjoy community and are eager to Speak Their Truth.

Let’s Journey Together
So many of us struggle to speak our truth, especially when talking to people in positions of authority. We often have a feeling of being judged or feel our ideas and thoughts might be refuted. Our confidence sometimes gets “wobbly,” and we are not able to reach our potential.

The Women’s Healing Circle: Speaking Your Truth is a journey into greater self-awareness, increased health, well-being, and joy. It is a sacred journey that requires a commitment to participate each week. The commitment is the magic that makes our time together very special.

Our circle is informal, and due to COVID-19 it takes place on Zoom. You can come in your pajamas if you want! Most members join each session from a comfortable location in order to stretch out during meditation and other relaxing activities. Together we explore new ideas, grow, and build a lasting bond. Our Facebook Page – Women’s Healing Circle – is an alumni page where we keep in touch with each other and continue our friendships.

Each Circle Is Divided into Three Segments

  1. Welcome, informal chatting, grounding, centering, energetic balancing, and a short experiential healing activity
  2. The Healing Circle
  3. Discussion of healing circle experiences and an activity that helps each member reach her unique goals

Alexander Augoustides, a holistic medical physician and teacher, will present during two sessions. These two presentations were a highlight in our last Speaking Your Truth Healing Circle.

Some Of What We Learn Together

  1. To balance, harmonize, and stay centered and grounded
  2. To share healing energy with others near and far
  3. To identify and speak your truth and live more comfortably within it
  4. To feel at home and safe within your own body
  5. To welcome your empathic skills and embrace your superpowers
  6. To let go of perfectionism
  7. To practice an easy daily self-care routine

Ways You Can Join the Women’s Healing Circle

      1. Phone Janet at 910-899-0820 and leave your name and phone number.
      2. Text Janet at 910-899-0820.
      3. Send an email to janetnestor@gmail.com
      4. Schedule a no-cost appointment to meet with Janet

Each Member Receives a Women’s Healing Circle Speaking Your Truth Handbook
We have a Facebook Private Page for Group Communication. If you do not have a Facebook page, you are welcome to join the group and will receive announcements via email. Zoom links are posted on the Facebook page and sent via email.

The cost for 9 healing circles, one individual appointment with Janet, and a healing circle handbook is $195.00 paid through a QuickBooks Invoice.
If you are an alumnus of a Women’s Healing Circle, your cost is $150.00.