A Channeled Message on Tai Chi Standing Meditation


Standing Pole meditation, or zhan zhuang is quintessential training for Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioners at all levels and across all styles. The practice creates strength and rootedness, calms the mind and emotions into stillness, and unblocks the flow of qi, or internal energy throughout the body.  

This excerpt was channeled by Tai Chi instructor, Frances Phelps while she observes her student during Standing meditation.


During standing practice, visualize yourself as a tree rooting down into the earth.

When you are doing regular Tai Chi, the energy spirals from your dantian (storehouse of energy in the lower abdomen) in a circle on a vertical plane. As the dantian is twining, the flow of energy is going upward and outwards, circling up and out to the left, to the right, out through the legs, and that revitalizes the body (as the energy is traveling to different areas). The energy is cycling through the different chakras and causing the chakras to spin and open and clear. The reason why Tai Chi is so relaxing and feels so good is that the chakras are clearing out.

As I watch someone doing Tai Chi, I see energy flowing circular around the body, from the front and traveling to the right…around the head, around the torso, around the legs, and kind of around the arms. The Light is showing me a visual of a person being like a tree with the heart lit up like the sun. The connection from the heart/sun goes through the top of the head and also down straight to the earth in a vertical line. As I see the energies rotating around us, the Light is telling me this how we are supposed to be. The energy around the body should always be flowing. The circular flow of energy around the body reflects the energy flow within the body. The Light is showing me energy flows around in the inguinal ligaments in the hips. To live a heart-centered life, and to do things from the heart, the energy of the body must flow in these ways. This keeps the heart flowing (energy travels from the heart in the front of the body, and energy travels from the heart in the back of the body) and having the heart flowing is how we live a love-based life.

The Earth itself has these same energy emanations going around it on a horizontal plane. The heart of the Earth moves that way too.

The Light is showing me energy points on the head, forehead, front of the head, and on the pubis in the midline of the body. They are showing energy centers at the ankles.  The lines between the points on the head and around the sacral area have to be connected…like the center of a spinning top…and have to be in a straight line. It keeps the energy flows that are spinning around the body spinning at the right angles. The positioning of the ankles keeps that vertical line intact. The vertical positioning is good for the health of the internal organs especially the ones on the left and right sides. It’s good for the brain and for the eyes. It keeps the hemispheres in balance in the body (including the fluid).

There is an energy flow that goes around the inguinal ligaments. When the dantian is open, it brings a physical relaxation and a bunch of energy opens up. When the energy opens up, it travels straight down our legs and connects into the ground…which in turn connects you to nature, and the seasons, and the rhythms of natures. As human beings, we are supposed to be synching to those in a sense. Otherwise, we live a very detached life. The Light is showing me that when we have the right attachment, there is a welling of energy in the kidney point in the center of the bottom of the foot…and that welling is that feeling of rooted connection. When we do the standing meditation, we keep the foot centered to create that welling in the kidney point.


About the Author: Frances Phelps is an instructor at Chi Force from Stephan Berwick’s True Tai Chi school, the Washington DC branch of the historic Chen Jia Gou school in Henan, China. She is also a graphic and web designer at Illuminated Heart Design. Her channeled messages can be found at Flowing into Peace.

Photo by Jason Weingardt on Unsplash