Thursday Mornings with Archangel Michael

Spirit is always moving us forward into the unknown. More and more of us are having spiritual experiences that we don’t understand. It is nice to have reliable sources that we can turn to for support. One of the ways that we can support each other is to tell our story.

We are always being prepared for our next step forward. We never know what that step will be, where the impetus will come from, or who the influencer will be. All we really know is that spirit always gives us exactly what we need to enrich our lives and our journey

In 2015 I wrote about my time with Archangel Michael. The story was published in a book by Gloria Messenger: The Rhythm of Angel Wings. Just recently, I pulled my copy off the shelf, knowing I needed to read it again. My intuition told me that there was something in the story that was important for me now. I believe there is also something in this story, that will benefit you and enrich your spiritual practice and journey.


An Excerpt from The Rhythm of Angel Wings

Most Thursday mornings between 1999 and 2005 my friend Laura and I met in my office or her home for spiritual study time. When we began meeting, she was married and lived with her husband, horses, her rescue dogs, and her rescued cat. Her greatest sorrow was the loss of her son who passed away at birth. Laura and her husband owned a horse farm and boarding stable. She was a trainer, horse whisperer, animal communicator, intuitive, and energy healer.

My office was part of a holistic clinic headed by a chiropractor who practiced homeopathic and functional medicine. I was doing energy healing sessions for clients, seeing a few counseling clients, and working part time as an academic counselor at a nearby university. I carried emotional pain, including the terrifying memories from my childhood, into adult life. This caused stress for both my husband and daughters. While I was well along my healing journey, I had much more to do and much more to learn.

I had recently experienced two incidents with dark energy. I was recovering energetically and emotionally from a group shamanic journey led by a self-trained shaman who did not have the experience needed to lead a group. This particular journey occurred at the end of a continuing education class for mental health professionals. As the drum started to beat, I immediately went into a cave where the walls were covered with little black negative energy beings that practically flew off the walls and jumped on me. I quickly took myself out of the group exercise, but my energy field was already loaded with dark energy. I’d also had an incredibly challenging experience with an energy healing class when the teacher unknowingly created an opening for some dark energy to attach to her students physically and energetically. Luckily, I had expert help in clearing my energy field and physical body. But I was now jittery when it came to spiritual exploration and the deep, expansive work Laura and I always experienced together.

My windowless office was small, and the lights were always soft. The space enveloped everyone who entered in warm, cozy comfort. Laura always sat on the couch, and I sat in the chair across from her. We talked about all kinds of things related to our beliefs, Yeshua the Christ, and our life mission. We explored the spiritual experiences we had while doing energy healing work for ourselves and others. I was reading a channeled book about the life of Christ. We were discussing the truth of it and asking lots of spiritual questions and channeling the answers for each other. We talked about the garden of Eden, the tree of life, my childhood imaginary friend who I’d just learned was an evolved master. A lot of our spiritual experiences happened at night while we slept. I knew I was energetically vulnerable, and my spiritual family of guides and teachers had placed me on a narrow path asking me to stay on task and only learn from the teachers approved by Christ. I was not to take any spiritual or energy healing classes until I had more knowledge and understanding about the work I was undertaking.

One Thursday morning as we chatted about usual topics the room filled with a loving energy. It was so strong the atmosphere almost pulsed. As we sat quietly, we felt the presence of another being. To my right and in the corner beside the couch was Archangel Michael floating in the air.

If I remember correctly, for his first appearance he dressed as a warrior. He wore a metal skirt almost like a Roman soldier and carried a sword that glistened and vibrated with power.

Laura and I spent a lot of time discussing Archangel Michael’s sword because there were jewels on the guard, the grip, and the case. Some of the jewels were big red ruby-like stones and there were other precious gems as well. The colors had meaning and purpose, but I don’t remember the details.

He carried a rather large shield that was very ornate, beautiful, and meant to protect during battle. Most of the time his sword was at his side. He held the shield in a relaxed manner, but it partially covered his body.

During one visit he let us energetically touch the sword. I can honestly say I have no memory of that experience other than we were allowed to be present with the sword.

Laura and I were given a small energetic sword of our own to keep us safe during times of spiritual danger. I still have my sword, but I have not used it or thought about it for a very long time. It is about 18 inches long and is jeweled using almost the same jewels as Archangel Michael’s sword. Ours is missing a secret stone that grants special powers, and we are not eligible to have that stone.

On that first day we intuitively recognized Archangel Michael, but he did not identify himself. There was no fear, only surprise and awe. I don’t remember our conversation during that first hour. Over time he talked to us about his job as a guardian of.  the Light. He told us he was with us because he had been asked to teach us. We needed a higher vibration if we were to do our jobs as directed. He was with us to help us achieve that.

Archangel Michael talked to us about the staff of life, which he described as his nervous system. The staff follows the spinal column up the back, including the neck and over the head to form an arc just like a shepherd’s staff – and just like our governing vessel meridian.

On some days Archangel Michael appeared dressed in an ankle length oatmeal-colored robe with a ropelike sash at his waist. The sash really had no color that I can identify. If I had to give it a color, I’d say it was some shade of silver or pewter. He was barefooted, had no wings and his hair was blonde, straight, and was cut rather long as it touched the top of the back neckline of his robe. In the front his hair curved around his head and face and was beautiful and seemed to be alive. His complexion was vital and also looked alive. His eyes were blue like pools of knowledge and held so much love that I cannot express the extent of it.

He had some substance. We could not see through him, and he appeared to have the form of a human male. He was beautiful, approachable, and very gentle. We could feel his immense power and strength. His presence was healing and personally empowering. His presence lifted us up to what we might be if we were willing to embrace a particular part of ourselves and allow our energies to connect and flow together with his.

Sometimes Archangel Michael did not say a word but just stayed with us while we talked. He was usually in the corner to my right which meant that Laura should have had to turn her head to see him. However, she didn’t have to turn her head to see him when he was in the room with us.

Our experience was more than seeing him visually. It was also sensing and experiencing his presence. His physical presence was an amazing gift. Being within his energetic presence was an indescribable gift.

On some Thursday mornings he’d help us understand the mysteries. I don’t think we ever heard an audible voice, but we did hear his voice in our minds. Sometimes I’d hear, sometimes Laura would hear. If both of us heard his voice, we always heard the same information but with slightly different words. Perhaps this was our translation, but I always thought he wanted us to ask specific questions, so he spoke in a way that stimulated them.

His voice sounded like any articulate male voice, but the vibration was slightly different. The tone was gentle, yet strong. Soft and yet vibrant! He spoke with a tone that let us know not to interrupt. We did ask him to explain or give us more information so we could understand his message more clearly. If we were ready for the answer, he’d give it to us. If not, we had to wait until we had enough background information to hear the answer, understand, and accept it.

We could have challenged him, but we never did. We accepted what he taught, explained, and showed us in visions.

To challenge with questions that had answers beyond our understanding would have felt like challenging the Creator of All and we were not about to do that.

We learned that Archangel Michael is with the Creator. He is like a bodyguard, but not limited by time and space. He taught us a lot about his time versus our time, and they are not the same. Our time is linear and broken into manageable chunks so we can organize our lives. His time is ever present, eternal time.

One of our primary lessons was about the light. We could see a tunnel with light at the end, and we learned we could go closer and closer to the light. We had to learn slowly because we both had to be able to handle the extremely high vibration. The goal was to get as close to the source as we were able to handle.

I felt like I held us back because the energy was startling, so sometimes Laura would go further than I did. She seemed more able to handle the strong vibrations. It was unnerving to feel that much energy vibrating in my body all at once. Sometimes my body would feel like it was about to explode. Both our bodies were challenged but never harmed. We gradually gained the ability to be in higher and higher energetic vibrations.

The atmosphere in my office was remarkable even when Laura and I were not in session with Archangel Michael. My clients felt it, yet I shared it with only a few. Michael wants me to tell you that we actually taught ourselves by allowing ourselves to be in his presence. We were not afraid of him so he allowed us to interact with him almost like we would interact with any friend, but only with awe and respect. We were told not to be in awe of him or the experience because this kind of interaction was normal and natural. Not having it was unnatural.

Today I call him my friend. He is a conscious part of my spiritual family. I continue to talk with him frequently, and I continue to learn from him. The relationship has changed. He does continue to teach from time to time, and he is with me when I am facilitating energy healing work. I know that I can call on him when I am in need. I trust he and other spiritual family members will respond.

How did this experience change me? I now see myself through different eyes. I went from feeling unworthy to be in his presence, to a place where I could see my own value and experience healthy self-worth. I do not feel set apart or special because of my experience.

I learned that I have a spiritual job to do. Part of my work on earth is to explore the various kinds of love and write about them. I learned I am meant to teach, to help others explore and learn about what is possible in their lives. I was shown that we are guided to learn and experience what we need most.

I needed to know I was worthwhile, valuable, and as much a part of my spiritual family as other members.

The love that Archangel Michael teaches is similar to unconditional love. It is even more pure and alive with a feeling that is tangible and almost touchable. While we can’t touch his love, we are in his love, and part of the love, when in his presence.

Our hearts were full and overflowing with a feeling that is inclusive of all living things. Not just human beings, but all life including the minerals, chemicals, and such. All creation is a comprehensive universal energy expressed and experienced differently by the various forms of life.

Because of our education with Archangel Michael, Laura became even more intuitive and compassionate, an even better horse whisperer and animal communicator. We had been blessed and wanted to live our life equal to the gift that had been given. Laura began to see more beauty on her farm. She was aware of the energetic colors and felt the vibration of life more clearly as she worked with the horses, her dogs, and the three-legged cats she’d rescued. She could feel the energy of the land, the trees, shrubs, and the grass, and water.

It was during this time that she realized she was fulfilling spiritual missions through being in two places at once: bilocation. At night a part of her would leave her body and return to her body before it was time to get up in the morning. She was never more than normally tired. She simply no longer needed the amount of sleep she once did.

I needed much less sleep too. I’d wake up at 4:00 AM almost every morning to do spiritual work. Sometimes I didn’t even know what I was doing, but I’d stay in bed and follow directions or experience the vibration of spirit within my mind, body, and soul. I began to get messages in unusual ways. I’d hear buzzing in my ear and know that a teaching was arriving. I’d wake up at night to the smell of very inviting pipe or cigar smoke letting me know I was not alone.

Sometimes I’d be awakened by what sounded exactly like my doorbell. The bell was meant to get my attention, and it certainly did! In the beginning I was terrified that someone was at my door in the early morning hours.

After a while Archangel Michael no longer appeared in my office corner. We were ready for the next step, and we waited with open hearts.

One day, Yeshua the Christ arrived to teach us! One of us would have a vision of some kind and then he would teach about the vision we’d been given. The one I remember most was at the foot of the cross. It was as if I was there as part of his earthly family. I was crying my eyes out in grief and terror for his pain. He wanted me to experience physically, emotionally, and spiritually the impact of the crucifixion, and I must say that I did. Because I was hysterical, his spirit came down off the cross. He put his arms around my shoulder, and we walked across the hillside as he explained why it was necessary for the events to unfold as they were.

He said that if he’d avoided the cross, he would not be the historical figure he needed to become. If he’d not been tortured, and died, people would not talk about his life in the same way in the years ahead. The drama of the moment made him an eternal spiritual being in the eyes of his followers and in the eyes of the world. That is what was intended to happen. His death, burial, and after death appearances and teachings assured his teachings would continue. He told me that his message would be stronger, louder, and carry more weight even with the heaviest, most negative heart.

Even though I was comforted by his words, and I even understood the necessity of his life and death, I was still human and had human understanding. I was not able to consciously retain and integrate the bigger spiritual picture, which he explained in detail.

Weeks after the experience at the cross, I experienced the second vision related to Christ’s death. It allowed me to understand things I never knew I needed to know and understand. I felt that I had been set free of an invisible stress I’d been carrying for 2000 years. I felt I’d found a part of myself that had been missing. I was on my way to a happier, healthier life.

I am still learning and growing and intend to continue learning and growing forever.

Update: 2022

Yeshua the Christ appeared the summer of 2014. This time I was sitting quietly in my living room. We were face to face and looking at each other eye to eye. His face was clear. All I remember is that his hair was brown and his eyes kind and piercing in a meaningful, loving way. He said, “Write my story.” I just sat there stunned. My mind was racing. I had no idea how to write his story. I did not know enough about his family and day to day life. He asked again, this time in a tone that was not a question, but a statement. I said yes. I wanted to do as he asked. I just did not know how.

Finally, I realized that I could ask him what to do. He told me to create a place to write and create a folder for the book. I did. Nothing happened. One morning as I sat at the dining room table waiting, he began to dictate the first story. His voice was clear. It took me a minute to open the computer and begin to type his words. He did not wait for me, he just kept talking. Forty-five days later the book was complete: One hundred messages for messengers. We are all messengers – even the trees, animals, birds, and fish.

He told me exactly how the cover was to look. He told me to leave all proper nouns and pronouns in lower case. He wanted his father’s name, the I AM, to be capitalized. His reasons for this were simple. He wanted all men and women to be seen as equal. There are other mistakes in the book, and they were to be left there. He said that no human being is perfect, and he wanted that illustrated in his book.

The book was published in 2015. It has been updated with a few things he wanted to add. I made the headings on each page easier to read. I removed all the parentheses because they made the book harder to read. There is a new cover to the book, the exact same design that he requested nine years ago. The publisher is still Xulon Press. Other than the things I’ve mentioned, it is the exact book that was published in 2015.