A Loving and Giving Time of Year

December is designated as Stress Free Family Holiday Month, because it is one of the most stressful times of year for millions of people. We all dream of holiday perfection, so we stay in survival mode until New Years Day.  Holiday entertainment on TV and in the theaters and traditional Christmas music often portray a romantic and unrealistic family Christmas.  Department stores and advertisements create immense temptations, most usually revolving around exchanging gifts, decorating our homes and inviting family and friends to share a meal or an expensive party.  There are fund drives and an organized effort to insure all needy families have food and some gifts for their children on Christmas morning.

Our hearts are open and we want to fill them with the tenderness of the season.  The good will, the love and caring that accompany the special days of December touch us with all the possibilities that our imaginations can create.  They encourage us to celebrate the duality inherent in the gift of life: the fun, laughter and pleasure combined with the spiritual responsibility of loving and working together to raise the quality of life for all.  Why not turn the holiday spirit into 365 days of positive energy that can make a real difference in our lives and our ability to thrive?

Along with the idea of loving and caring, here are some suggestions that might help each of us make this holiday our best ever holiday seasons.  All positive change begins in our heart.  All relationships are built in our heart – our relationship with self, with others and with the events and occasions of our life.  It is up to us to create our own personal holiday season, even if we are a family of one.

Our thoughts and intentions create our life, one positive thought at a time. So let’s set the intention to create positive life changes, especially today!  Let’s write our intentions on a note card and keep them in our purse or pocket, then read them as often as necessary.  Our intentions might read like this:

  • I move through the holiday one moment at a time, relaxed and peaceful.
  • I choose to renew my inner resources and share love with those I care about.
  • I create my joy one thought at a time.
  • My heart is overflowing with love.

When your intentions are solidly with you, move forward with some of the following ideas.

  1. Make your own traditions.  Create events and activities that establish a positive history and give you a feeling of positive anticipation.  Be creative.  No matter how seemingly insignificant your attempts might be, they are important.

  1. No matter what the events of the year have been, no matter what your holiday history might be, start each day as a brand new day.

  1. Create a loving and comfortable space for yourself no matter where you are.  Surround yourself with happy things and happy people.  Make a point of bringing Universal Light into your life and then share your inner light with others.

  1. Get organized and plan in advance.  Planning creates a comfortable atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the season.  Relaxation and peacefulness begin with you.

  1. Develop a holiday budget and then stay within it.  The spirit of love exists whether or not the gifts you share with friends and family come from a department store, your kitchen or are home made crafts made by the hands of your children.

  1. Reach out.  Everyone wants to be remembered.  Use your phone and email. Make a date to spend a few hours with a special friend.  Volunteer at a shelter or a nursing home because the folks who live there would love the company.  

  1. Remember to trust because trust is the key ingredient for a successful holiday.  Trust that your efforts have created magic.  

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  • I love this post, Janet. Great tips! I really like the reminder that our thoughts and intentions create our life, one positive thought at a time. Happy Holidays to you!


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