The Best Holiday Gift Ever: A Happy Heart

Every year as the holiday season rolls around we promise ourselves that we won’t over schedule and we won’t over spend. We promise ourselves we are going to get the detail work completed early so we have plenty of energy to enjoy the special times with family and friends. We commit to prioritize. But somehow as the holiday draws near we find ourselves worried we won’t get everything done, and along with the sugarplum fairies dancing in our heads, we have visions of chaos caused by incomplete preparation.

As women we are usually the creative force behind holiday cooking, decorating, party planning and clean up. Because are heads are spinning with overwhelm we often take the easy way and do the quickest and easiest thing possible. I remember once I purchased a $15.00 gift for my grandson online and then paid $25.00 to have it shipped overnight. If you have ever done anything similar, you need the information in this article.

Instead of juggling long lines and battling preparation anxiety you can give yourself freedom and a happy heart. This is an exceptional gift that keeps on giving all through the year. It is a package filled with love and compassion just for you, and it enriches the quality of your life the first day you use the gift and every day after.

Breathing, when done consciously, deeply and fully, helps keep you calm, relaxed, centered and connected to highest wisdom. A few moments of good deep breathing slows you down and allows your muscles to soften and relax. Over time it prevents adrenal exhaustion by keeping you out of the fight or flight response. This self-given gift of conscious breathing simply makes you feel better. You’ll be more energized, your mood lighter and your attitude more positive.

How do you do this kind of breathing? You learn to breathe like a newborn infant with a tummy that go up and down smoothly and regularly. Take an in breath and on the out breath you consciously allow the breath to drop into our lower abdomen. On the next in breath you breathe in deeply from your belly, causing the lower abdomen and waist to expand. On the out breath you allow our tummy to flatten and our shoulders to drop and soften. Ten minutes of deep conscious breathing will help you relax, and thirty minutes will refresh you, relax you and help you create a calmer more joyous day. One morning I woke up early still feeling tired from the day before. I decided to do conscious breathing until time to get up. When the alarm sounded thirty or forty minutes later I felt as though I had been reborn. I was refreshed, relaxed and ready to move gently and happily into the day.

It is best to choose some time each day to consciously breath and refresh the oxygen levels in your body. If you simply can’t take some “me” time, try these ways to integrateiv conscious breathing into your daily life.

  • Breathe deeply and consciously while you drive to work.
  • Breath consciously while you are waiting in line at the supermarket.
  • Breathe consciously while watching TV.
  • Breathe consciously for five or ten minutes before you get out of bed in the morning and again when you go to bed at night to achieve a good night’s sleep.
  • Breath consciously while you take your morning walk. Add a few positive words as you take each footstep. On the in breath mentally say resting. On the out breath mentally say softening. Before long, your walk will be over and you will feel relaxed, positive and ready for your day.
Enjoy your holiday and BREATHE!

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