Wholeness Meditation Using REB

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Take some nice deep breaths and allow your body to begin to relax.  Each breath takes you into a deeper state of relaxation.  Choose a desired outcome for the meditation…a virtue that you would like to experience more deeply.  Kindness, loyalty, love, safety, freedom, creativity whatever virtue that you want and need deep within.  Keep the virtue you have chosen in mind as we progress deeper into the meditation.

With your eyes closed allow yourself to drift softly and gently into relaxation.  Begin to use the REB relaxation posture.  Your right hand is resting on your body under your left breast with your fingers pointing under your arm.  Your left hand is across your body with your hand resting about an inch above your right elbow.  Your ankles are crossed.  Your breathing is slow with a nice even rhythm.  As you rest in this posture you realize that you are more in the current moment, your mind is quiet, your thoughts have slowed or stopped.  You can feel your nervous system calming.  There is no where you would rather be at this moment.  Where you are feels soothing, safe, relaxing.

With eyes closed, begin to imagine that you can see yourself from head to toe as you breathe and relax.  You can see your whole body and you have a conscious experience of your whole being.  You notice what you are wearing.  You notice how your body looks and feels right at this moment.  There might be a gentle smile on your lips. The image is soothing to you…the wholeness of the image is soothing to you.  As you continue, breathe fully in a naturally deep way, each breath taking you more deeply into relaxation. 

Perhaps you are already seeing or sensing yourself within your own energy field.  If not, add that image to your existing image of wholeness.  See yourself relaxing, becoming more and more safe, secure and within your own energy field.  You are centered within the field.  It almost looks like you are floating in the middle of an egg shaped bubble.  You feel balanced and connected to Earth, Life, Universal Love.  There is love and you are experiencing it.  Somehow you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that within this energy bubble, relaxed and calm, that all things are possible in your life.  There are no limitations for your health and healing, no limitations to your emotional expansion and awareness of emotional freedom.  You feel loved and you feel safe. 

Now begin to refocus on your desired outcome…the virtue you want to strengthen within your spirit.  Begin to breathe in your desired outcome with each breath…exhaling all negativity.  Breathe in this way in and out, allowing that virtue to permeate each cell of your body, flow through your blood stream, touching your heart.  In and out…

Now release the posture and place your right hand over your heart, and begin to circle your hands in a clockwise direction, circling to the left and down and around, repeating the virtue over and over as you move your hand in a clockwise direction.  Maybe add a supporting affirmation that strengthens your experience.  When you are ready, open your eyes, feeling refreshed, calm, and clear…

What do you notice that is different now?  How does your body feel?  How deeply relaxed are you?  Make note of the answers to these questions to solidify the experience…to make note of the positive response you’ve experienced.

Have a wonderful day.

Janet Nestor  © 2010

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  • What a fabulous way to take a break on a Sunday afternoon – Thank you so much, Janet! I focused on the virtue of "creativity".

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