Walking Meditation

clip_image002 Today’s mindful post is in honor of a beautiful, sunny late winter day when the birds are singing a happy tune and the daffodils are blooming along the walkway into my home.

It was just an coincidence that my granddaughter Clio was visiting the weekend of the walking Meditation class, taught in honor of my newly published book, Pathways to Wholeness. The beautiful summer day was organized and produced by Diana Gardner-Williams, master gardener and landscape designer and publisher of Just a Cloud Away, a journal for grieving families. families.

The short walk was along an outside path and through the isle-ways inside the greenhouses. As human beings and a part of the family of life, we are very soothed and invigorated when we walk within natures energetic gifts and her pallet of many colors and textures. Her trees, shrubs, flowers, streams, oceans, hills, valleys and mountains provide variety and generously add beauty to our environments. I want to share the poem that begins Pathways to Wholeness, honoring both the majesty of our Earth home and the consciousness we embrace when we walk a peaceful meditative walk.

As I Walk I am

Earth is my home.

Her foliage brings softness and beauty, and provides the breath of life.

Everything about her brings attention to divine beginning.

My footsteps touch Her peacefully, and I know

My eyes gently focus on everything and nothing, and I see.

My mind is quiet and free of worry, and it refreshes me.

My breath flows softly in and out and my senses are heightened.

My body is alive,

as I fully experience my wholeness and the miraculous nature of each footstep.

My awareness is expanded, and I acknowledge and honor the Presence within me.

My being merges with all that there is, and I am at home.

My totality celebrates life.

Creation is part of me and I am a part of her.

As I walk, I am.


  • Absolutely beautiful poem, capturing for us the Now and the bliss we can feel when we connect with Mother Nature.

  • What a wonderful poem. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

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