The Ageless Wisdom of Udraka

I’ve read and reread The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Leo W. Dowling. The Aquarian Gospel, first published in 1907, is said to be taken directly from the Akashic Records. Traditionally I am skeptical of such books, but this one is very different. The Aquarian Gospel has been around now for over 100 years, is a very special book that recounts the birth, youth, education, ministry and death of the teacher Jesus. Whether the book came from the Akashic Records or not, the contents are spiritually guided and filled with very rich, deep wisdom of tremendous benefit to all mankind.

What does Udraka and his teachings have to do with developing a conscious, mindful life-style? Mindfulness is positive thought in action, the awareness of our connection to all that is and the application of wisdom into our daily life. When mindfulness is a life-style, we apply the principles to all aspects of our life, whether tragic or exceptionally spiritual. Udraka taught mindfulness principles as they apply to human awareness, health and personal healing.

In today’s language we would call Udraka a naturopathic physician or an ayurvedic physician. He depended on the principles of nature to guide him. He said, “The laws of nature are the laws of health, and he who follows them is never sick … He who obeys the laws, maintains an equilibrium in all his parts, and thus ensures the harmony, and harmony is health, while discord is disease”. This ancient brilliance is just as brilliant today, but today with all of our advanced medical knowledge and skills, this basic wisdom is all but lost, especially to those of us who live in the West. I am convinced that each pearl of wisdom has many meanings, and each of us will receive the wisdom as it applies to our own life. I hope you read Udraka’s wise words many times.

Udraka’s Wisdom:

  • The human body is a harpsichord and when strings are too relaxed or too tense, the instrument is out of tune. When this occurs nature can be searched for the remedy, and there is a cure for every physical ailment. Man’s will in itself is medicine and can be guided to help him heal. When he finds a string that is too tight he can relax it and when he finds a string that is too loose he can tighten it.
  • When man has understanding and has faith in God, in nature and himself he knows power. His faith (trust) is a salve for every wound and a cure for all the ills of life.
  • A healer is a man who can inspire faith. Souls are reached by souls who speak to souls … healing occurs at the soul level. He who can inspire hope and faith in those who have no faith is a physician.
  • There are thousands of things that can make us sick and thousands of things that can make us well. What is medicine for one is poison to another. What is poison to one is medicine for another. The touch of a hand or a word of wisdom may heal thousands, but the greatest healer of all is love.
  • There are many broken chords of life and many dis-harmonies that vex us and damage us at the soul level. We are often led by ignorance rather than wisdom. The master healer and he who is master of his soul knows that we have divine helpers from the highest realms and they have the ability to drive away the brokenness.

Today, Deepak Chopra, MD is the voice of Ayurvedic wisdom. Here are two book that you might find helpful, especially if you enjoyed this article:

Perfect Health: The Complete Mind-Body Guide

The Path to Love


    • Bryon – Glad you found that post. Oneness – peace to you! I enjoyed writing this particular post.

  • I have read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus too. I, too, am skeptical of books on Jesus Christ. But The Aquarian Gospel gives an account of the unknown life of Jesus Christ that corressponds to some of the records I am opportuned to read. One such is the Mystical life of Jesus Christ by H. Spencer Lewis. However, there are some distortions in the Aquarian Gosptel. Mary’s description of Jesus Christ as a boy with deep blue eyes, is a misrepresentation or erroneous. Deep blue eyes are usually not associated with middle easterners race, of which was Jesus Christ. So also is the description of the cave Jesus Christ was born. Also, Jesus Christ did not enroll in the schools he attended, as pupil using the name Jesus, but Joseph. It was until later in his initiation years he attained the name Jesus. Besides the minor misrepresentations, The Aquarian Gospel reveals the unknown life of Jesus Christ. It is a good book, worthy of reading.

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