Fully Present for Life

February/March Article for Sibyl Magazine

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My daily goal is to be fully present for each moment of my life, feeling joyous, connected and balanced. As a working woman, wife, mother and grandmother I know that I require a daily spiritual practice that nourishes, supports and enriches my life. Because I practice mindful awareness, I am increasingly more clear about my emotions and beliefs and how they shape my conscious perceptions and interactions. Love gives me permission to let go of my life issues, anxieties and fears and empowers me to be who I am – positive, free and one with spirit, the natural environment and human life.

Regular meditation allows my soul-self and my ego-self to merge into a conscious, aware human being who lives within the Universal Flow. My daily routine consists of a morning meditation that nurtures my inner being and enriches my daily life. I write in my Awareness Journal immediately after the mediation so I keep the teachings I’ve received and the experiences I’ve enjoyed. During meditation I let go of yesterdays stress and worry, bathe in the flow of Divine Energy, share positive energy with Mother Earth, give gratitude and return the love by asking my spiritual family ‘what can I do for you today’?

One day during meditation I noticed that my inner space had no boundaries, that I was limitless and 100% free. Being so, opened my awareness to the endless possibilities always awaiting notice. On another day I acknowledged I no longer had to invite my guides and teachers into my inner space as we are an innate part each other. We are one.

What does this innate unit, available to everyone, mean for my life and your life? It means we are made to perceive existence as a positive experience and envision ourselves as an integral part of the Universal Flow. We accept our emotions as positive and see each pleasure, issue and challenge as an opportunity for personal growth. Even our anger, sadness and disappointment, our feelings of abandonment and neglect are opportunities for growth, and therefore positive aspects of our life. It took me a very long time to understand this great spiritual principle.

Being Fully Present for Life takes regular practice. It is a spiritual commitment and partnership that provides a vehicle to unify with all that exists. Once that commitment is strong, once we have accepted our spiritual family as trustworthy life partners, we have found our pathway to wholeness. Your pathway won’t be the same as mine, but we’ll both discover universal truths as well as personal truths related to our evolution and awakening. As our divine inner nature expands we begin to learn who we really are, realize our life’s work and learn what is expected of us as we travel through the adventure of human life.