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The Power of Stories

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Janet Nestor is a spiritual seeker, wife, mother, grandmother, author… licensed clinical Mental Health Counselor… Diplomat in Comprehensive Energy Psychology… and Energy Medicine Practitioner who loves animals, trees, and all of mother nature’s family of life!

In this episode, Janet discusses her award-winning book, Pathways to Wholeness… living mindfully in peace and love… our natural relaxation response… Radiant Energies Balance, a practice which she helped develop… the importance of spending time and finding peace in Nature… our connection  mindful meditation… self-love, self-care, self-worth and self-confidence… growing up on a farm and developing a compassionate view of animals that are raised for food… moving meditation, including the ancient medication called “shaking and breathing” to quiet the mind… broadening our definition of meditation, and finding the quiet oasis within us… walking meditation… Tai chi and the flow of energy in our body… events in her childhood that motivated her to become a mental health counselor… encouraging women to claim their power by seeing them, hearing them, listening to them, and recognizing who they are and what their needs may be, and supporting them in speaking their truth. (USA)