Energy Healing and the Harmonic Egg

Harmonic Egg

A little over a year ago my friends Angela Miller and Kelly Abbe announced that they were preparing to purchase a Harmonic Egg and open a holistic healing center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I was enthralled by the idea and wanted to have a Harmonic Egg session to better understand and support their journey! Prior to the opening of Sacred Harmony in Winston-Salem, I found a Harmonic Egg in Little River, South Carolina – a little over an hour from my home along the North Carolina coast.[1]

The Harmonic Egg is an advanced energetic healing system that uses the frequencies of light, sound, and sacred geometry to create mind, body, emotional, and spiritual healing. The egg is the size of a small room with a large door for entrance and exit. Beyond its size, the Harmonic Egg has a strong energetic presence. Its energy fills the room even when it is not in a session. There is a consciousness — a presence of being — around the Harmonic Egg. And there is a sense of peace and hope.

Prior to my first appointment, I was asked to fill out standardized forms so that my session could be designed to meet my individual needs. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the intake process. Changes in the light and sound are made as you begin to come into autonomic nervous system balance. With that balance, your immune system gradually becomes stronger, and you begin to feel healthier.

There is a large, relaxing, reclining chair in the center of the Harmonic Egg. As the door closes for your session, you become fully aware of the sophisticated sound system that plays music especially composed to promote healing. The music is especially designed for various physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions and is chosen with great care. Each egg guardian (owner of the egg) is trained to make these musical decisions. The light system overhead and on the floor projects the colors needed that help you heal your specific health needs. The sacred geometric designed structure helps create the healing frequencies that vibrate during your 50-minute session.[2]

Your autonomic nervous system regulates every automatic function in your body: heart rate and rhythm, respiration, blood pressure, how many times you blink your eyes per minute, how often you urinate, and so much more. If this part of your nervous system is out of balance, you can experience troubling symptoms like panic and anxiety attacks, night sweats, poor sleep, nightmares, and various digestive disturbances. When your autonomic nervous system is balanced, you are happier, healthier, more resilient, and you recover from stressful situations more easily and quickly.

Every single time Ive enjoyed an in-person session, or had a remote session, Ive experienced a series of unique smells. Except for the smell of pine and magnolia blossoms, the scents have been unrecognizable, other worldly, pleasant. Sometimes Ive enjoyed deeply meaningful spiritual experiences. At other times Ive become aware of emotional issues that have been unresolved for years. I went to sleep during one session!

Every Harmonic Egg has a name and a sacred guardian. At Sacred Harmony, Kelly Abbe is the sacred guardian of their Harmonic Egg, and it is named Ariel. Ariels energy is gentle and powerful all at the same time. Her abilities are magnificent. The room where she resides is welcoming and comfortable. Kelly is an excellent host, and she makes sure that you are comfortable with the process. She answers any questions that you might have and helps you integrate any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual changes that occurred during your session.

My first appointment with Ariel was remote. I sent Kelly a photo of myself and created an intention for my session. After the appointment, Kelly and I shared my experience, and she helped me become more aware of the outstanding capacities of the Harmonic Egg. My second session was in person. The important thing for you to know is that you can achieve your intention during a remote session whether you are 5 miles away, 500 miles away, or 5000 miles away from the Harmonic Egg’s physical structure. It is like the egg has the ability to adapt to your specific needs.

I prefer in-person appointments. I like the ambiance of the Harmonic Egg, the sounds of the music, and the visual sensation of the colors used in each healing session. However, if you are not close to an egg, and you want to try a session, know that you will receive brilliant results.

Most people feel calm, balanced, grounded, and connected to their higher self after each session. My body is at peace, my mind is always quiet, and I feel soothed. I always feel the need to discuss my session with the sacred guardian. And I am hungry after a session, so I usually stop to get a smoothie on my way home!

I was very tired in the evenings after my first three or four sessions. This is a common response, but not everyone feels fatigued. Ive talked to those who felt very energized and happy. One of the clients I referred reported sleeping soundly for several days after her first session.

Kim Fekette of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has opened Energy Wave. She is the sacred guardian of Harpa, the Harmonic Egg who began her healing career in Little River. From my experience, I can say that Harpa is a caring and kind get it done” kind of egg. Like Ariel, she seems to be able to adjust to the people she serves. I know that Harpa softened her sessions with me after being asked to do so. The Harmonic Egg always gives you what they need within the scope of what you are able to digest and manage.

If you live close to Ariel in Winston-Salem or close to Harpa in North Myrtle Beach, I suggest you treat yourself to a wonderful, restful, energetic healing session. It helps relieve exhaustion, trauma, anxiety, depression and strengthens your immune system so you can rejuvenate and heal mind-body-and soul. The Harmonic Egg supports people as they recover from injuries, surgery, and illness. You should try at least three sessions before you decide whether it works for you.

You can look for a Harmonic Egg near you by using this link:

I believe that the Harmonic Egg will change the face of Western Medicine just like acupuncture, healing touch, music, and neurofeedback have aided in the healing of emotional and physical illness. The healing potential of the Harmonic Egg appears to be unlimited!


[1] This Harmonic Egg has since moved to North Myrtle Beach.

[2] For an example of these healing frequencies, listen to Boost Immunity: Harmonic Egg Wellness Tracks, Vol. II by Yuval Ron Music (


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Inside the Harmonic Egg

This photo gives you and idea of how peaceful and comoftable the healing light and recliner are. The ambiance when the door is closed is calm and cozy. There are a wide variety of clolrs for the ceiling and the floor lighting. Counseling room at Sacred Harmony. 






Marriage and family counseling office at Sacred Harmony


Marriage and family counseling office at Sacred Harmony








Children’s play therapy and counseling room at Sacred Harmony.


Children’s play therapy and counseling room at Sacred Harmony









Harmonic Egg with door closed


Harmonic Egg with door closed









Harpa's Session Room


A glimpse of Harpa’s Session Room at Energy Wave

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