The Healing Code


I finally gave in and purchased this book. It delivers, in a easy to read manner, some very important universal truths about human  health and wellness. And it defines and explains the Healing Code we can use today!

The authors talk about stress as the cause of all the diseases and distressors that plague mankind. And it talks about energy healing as the way to reverse and prevent disease. Energy Healers have known this for centuries. We see the healing that takes place in our offices and the offices of our fellow energy psychologists and energy healers. Modern Western Science is just now beginning to catch up and deliver the information to the public in bits and peaces. This is true because modern research equipment is not becoming sensitive enough to read the results correctly and interpret them. We no longer have to rely on case histories or client testimonials!

The Healing Code discusses CODEX – the International law largely backed by big pharma that is now limiting over the counter sale of herbs and nutrients around the world. The book states very clearly that big pharma has a very good reason for all of us NOT to purchase the nutrients and herbs we need in a strength sufficient to support health. If we are healthy, we don’t need medication. And if we don’t need antibiotics and other drugs, they don’t make the billions of dollars that are now making. I don’t understand this, but it seems to be true.

I believe in diagnostic medicine and treating illness when it needs treated…and I believe in taking medications when it is necessary. Western Medicine is supremely able to provide diagnostic and emergency medicine, surgery and magnificent treatments like organ transplants. Wellness is a whole different ball game, because the absence of disease is not wellness. It is the absence of disease. The cause remains.

Wellness is living in balance with life, nature, self and the rest of the human race. When we are well and whole we are free of illness and disease and peaceful, joyful, compassionate and helpful. We are not angry, resentful, agitated, disappointed, judgmental and critical. Wellness is positive thought in full bloom – positive thought guiding our life and our day to day behavior. Positive thought is the most essential and basic energy medicine there is.

Wellness philosophy teaches us that our energy system, the most important system of our body, has to be happy and well in order for us to experience wholeness and robust health. If we don’t treat our energy system, we don’t stay well. This is so simple, yet so complicated to grasp because it is so new to so many of us.

So much of our stress is unconscious stress. So much of our stress came into life with us through the genetics of our ancestors. So what do with do with genetic stress? How do we heal what we can’t see or diagnose in a medical office or a hospital lab?

In my book Pathways to Wholeness there is a section called Generational Healing. Generational Healing begins to address this world wide epidemic – generationally inherited, unconscious stress! One of the paragraphs in this section begins like this…“When we heal because we are practicing Walking Meditation, Meditative Breathing or another healing technique, we create a line in time that ripples out in all directions. Those in our life today are in the strongest wake, and are infinitely affected by our lighter, less burdened, more spiritually connected and contented footsteps. Those in earlier generations, not living in our household, may be less directly affected, but they too experience the joy of our healing. …Those in subsequent generations, our children and their children experience the waves we make in a similar manner. They are exposed to our positive attitude, our increased ability to love ourselves and others, and our sense of spiritual connection that is accepting, supportive and safe.”

The section, Generational Healing, goes on to say how we carry stories of our ancestors traumas, successes, likes, dislikes, illnesses, anger and frustrations within our genes and it teaches you how to release some of this negativity through the techniques discussed in the book.

Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology provide the pathways to healing that are essential for us today and tomorrow … and essential to all the future wellness of mankind.

The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND and Ben Johnson MD, DO, NMD.

Pathways to Wholeness by Janet Gallagher Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP


  • Fascinating, Janet, simply fascinating! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Here's a line I found to extend beyond profound:

    "Wellness is a whole different ball game, because the absence of disease is not wellness. It is the absence of disease." We need to make an effort to wrap our brains around this concept — or more correctly, this "truth".

    You are a beacon in the fog!

  • I so need to delve into your site Janet as I need some wellness as I'm sick of feeling UNWELL.

    • Dive in! Enjoy the recorded meditations … you can download and relax. : )

  • Janet,

    I have a friend/client that visits Be In Health ( Do check out their site for more information if you are interested in learning more. I am currently listening to some of their recordings on generational healing and more for transcription for her.

    GREAT article.

    • Hi Leona. Glad you enjoyed the site. Love the idea and reality of Generational Healing. I know your friend loves your help and support.
      Also glad you enjoyed the article.


    • Glad you are enjoying the articles and the blog! Glad you left a note!
      Joy to you,

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