Friends Supporting Friends



A heart filled with love

A warm hand to hold.

Good deeds accomplished

No tangled strings to unfold.

A bond is formed

That can’t be seen.

Lives are enriched

Our world just gleams!

More love exists.

Poem by Janet Nestor 1-16-2011

My friend Diana Gardner – Williams is a great example of a Friends Supporting Friends. She organized a wonderful Grand Opening of Sharon Ellis-Wiley’s new Chanel Lace Hair Gallery on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, NC December 14, 2011. She invited her friends to invite their friends, and welcome Sharon Ellis-Wiley’s new business to Greensboro. We did … and it was a great time for all who came to share their talents and chat with visitors who came into the store. We all got to know each other, shared great coffee, cookies, sandwiches and flowers … all supplied by Diana’s friends and the businesses surrounding Sharon’s store!

Diana has more positive energy than most. She owns and manages two businesses: Diana Digs Dirt, her landscaping – design business and Just a Cloud Away, a support journal for grieving families.

Sharon has many talents too. She combined them to create her hair gallery with beautiful private fitting and styling areas. She’s the owner, and she is also the hair stylist who creates your new look. So many people will benefit deeply from the considerate way this shop is designed.

Within the store, in the front near the window where the light is beautiful, a lovely Serenity Garden was created. Diana brought hanging plants, potted plants, and other garden treasures to create this quiet space for store visitors to sit, rest, chat or just meditate for a moment. How do I fit in with this scene? Pathways to Wholeness, my mindfulness guidebook, resides on the table within the garden. A perfect match!

Enjoy some of the beauty of the moment via these photos … yes you guessed it … photos by Diana


clip_image005 clip_image006

Beautiful Flowers within the Serenity Garden and a view of the garden at the front of the store.



Me with my Pathways to Wholeness poster!



Sharon, the store owner, enjoying an energy healing session.

You can see the screens that create the privacy areas around the wig fitting and styling stations.



Supportive Friends Chatting at the Opening


  • What a lovely blog post and beautiful pictures! There is nothing like friendship to keep us together and well-rounded. Your post let's us all know that you have a fantastic inner circle 🙂

  • You are right! I love my friends and love having friends. Thanks for taking the time to writie a note. One of the great things about the blog challenge is all the new friends we meet.

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