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Living a Balanced, Happy Life

People always ask me if I use the same strategies that I teach.  The answer is yes, yes, yes.  I use them, feel better because of them, and teach them efficiently because they are a natural part of my daily life.

You may know that I have a free REB Nurturing Wellness Teleclass scheduled to begin on February 15, 2011 at 4 pm EST.  You might not know what your getting into if you register for the class.  The REB Nurturing Wellness Guidebook is brand new and hot off the press.  In fact, it hasn’t gone to press – if you register for the 5 week class you’ll get an e-book to download.  The e-book is free and the people who register (see below) and participate will be the first people ever, other than myself, to use it!  This is the program’s maiden voyage!

I love energy psychology and believe it its ability to improve the quality of life of anyone who uses it.  Energy Psychology changes lives and REB is a comprehensive energy Psychology.  REB is an expert at handling stress, anxiety and all the related symptoms, including calming our adrenal hormone flow which never shuts off when we are over-stressed and feel the pressure of an “I’ve got it get it done now” approach to life.  When we live in a “got to get it done now” way, we become exhausted and begin to develop Adrenal Fatigue. REB helps you relax, unwind and approach life in a positive, reality based way.  The trick to shifting from stressed to relaxed is using the program…you have to use it as directed and as often as suggested to get the full benefit.

You might also know that I love Mindfulness Meditation as a means of developing a really strong relaxation response.  I recently published a book about mindful mediation called Pathways Wholeness, and some of the concepts are included in this program: unity, wholeness, well-being, now focused living, living in balance and more.  This REB program provides you with the scripts and voice recordings for 3 meditations.  You’ll be able to listen at the audio recordings page.  One of the meditations is already up if you want to get a preview:

Wholeness Meditation Using REB (1/10/11) Download

What I’ve developed is a positive, balanced program to help you live a positive balanced life.  I’ll be doing the program along with you to help me stay calm and peaceful because I live a really busy life, have a long commute, and a lot of personal commitments that can cause stress if I forget to take care of myself.  Right now I am doing morning meditation and some gentle exercise each morning.

You probably want to know what you can expect to gain from this class. Here is a partial list:
· A better sense of self-worth and self-confidence
· An increase in the strength of your positive core beliefs
· A more positive belief structure about your body as it is right now
· Emotional relief and lowered stress related to a family member suffering with a chronic illness
· Release of feelings of grief and loss related to a move, the loss of a pet, the illness or loss of a loved one
· Personal “me” time and increased emotional, physical, mental self-care
· A better sense of you who you really are and what you really want to accomplish
· A better sense of well-being and a positive attitude to move forward in life

Come join me.  Registration is easy. The class is free. Just fill out the form below and you’ll receive your class information through your email address.

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  • Janet –

    I would love to participate, however, I will be teaching myself at that time! Will you be recording this and will it be available later? If so, count me in!

    Be Well.

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