Words that Inspire During Times of Stress

Just like most of humanity, my response varies on different days depending on what I am experiencing, where I am and what I am doing.  My goal is to stay centered and balanced, but sometimes I choose to employ my self-care skills to help me through a rough patch of emotion.

DSC00599 (WinCE) Once I realize my emotions are not going away easily, I take action.  The first thing I usually do is quiet my mind using breathing.  I love the 10 breath qi gong (page 42 Pathways to Wholeness) …taking ten breaths and then repeating until my body responds with comforting relaxation.  I seldom use words before my body has responded.  I literally make sure that I am in the middle of my energy field.  If I have drifted one direction or another, I do some heart chakra massage or some other quieting exercise to regain my center. (Directions for a heart chakra massage below)

Once I feel balanced and centered I add words to the relaxation process.  Before relaxation, the words I’d choose would be from frustration or some other sort of stress. I want the words to come to me.  If I allow the words to come softly into my consciousness, they have deep meaning and therefore very are helpful in calming and healing.

The words I use to alleviate stress are always positive and self-affirming.  My childhood imaginary friend is named Gently.  Her name still brings a smile to my heart and lips.  Any words that remind me of her usually soothe and comfort me.  My words are always positive and self supportive and similar to these: playful, smile, gentle, tender, loving, encouraging, safe, musical, caring, calm, and peaceful.  These words, and other similar words, speak to my inner most needs.  Your words will be similar, but different, because each of us has a unique life experience.

Note of interest:  Childhood imaginary friends are usually our angels, guides and teachers.  They come to us in support of our journey and stay with us throughout our lives.  I realized who Gently was just a few years ago when a wonderfully intuitive man of great wisdom showed me her picture and smiled.  He knew I would recognize her and the recognition would be a personal treasure.

Heart chakra massage:

A heart chakra massage is used for calming and moving troubling ideas and feelings out of our system.

Using your right hand place it over the center of your chest.  Begin to move your hand in a clockwise direction.  The clock is on your chest with the numbers facing out into the room.  Number twelve is top center.  Begin at number twelve and move your hand left down and around and back up to twelve in a circle.  Continue to circle in this manner.  You can repeat calming words while you circle your hand or you can use phrases like this one: “Even though I feel really (sad, anxious, like crying) about (your issue) I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.”

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  • Thank you for this helpful and timely post Janet! I used it to help me with my sad feelings about those I love who have depression. I feel much lighter and more joyful and ready to peacefully take on my tasks at hand.
    Becky Henry

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