Books That Have Inspired Me

I love books and I often go on a reading binge that lasts for weeks at a time. Since Pathways to Wholeness is about mindful  meditation, personal growth, spiritual development and personal healing, I’ll mention some of the books that touched my heart and inspired my personal journey.

Wayne Dyer: Your Sacred Self – Wayne Dyer’s work opens up our perceptions to what can be. This book introduced me to the idea of being a witness to our own lives…standing back and taking a clear look rather than getting all wound up in the emotions we experience. The idea of knowing vs. learning was also introduced in this book. Phil Warren used the idea of being a self – witness when developing Radiant Energies Balance – the energy psychology that I introduced into my office around 2000 and have used constantly since. The self-help posture is presented in Pathways to Wholeness. I am proud to have been a work partner in getting REB ready for prime time.

Carolyn Myss: Why People Don’t Heal and How they Can – Carolyn Myss is a journalist and a medical intuitive. This is one of her early books, and is very dynamic, especially if you are beginning your journey into spirituality and healing. I must have listened to her cassette tapes of this book 100 times…no exaggeration.

Lynne McTaggart: Living the Field – Tapping into the Hidden Force of the Universe – Her recent research, writing and CD’s have helped to make the field of energy medicine legitimate. These CD’s are fascinating and easy to listen to. I reference the CD set in Pathways to Wholeness.

Daniel Amen: Healing ADD – The Breakthrough Program that Allows You to See and Heal the 6 Types of ADD In my opinion, this man is a genius. This is both a handbook and a easy to understand clinical look at the various types of Attention Deficit Disorder. Dr. Amen uses nutrients with his clients as well as medications. Healing ADD is one of the first books of its kind from a respected physician. If you have an ADD child or adult in your family that is struggling, this book is for you.

Joseph Costa, PhD: Yeshu Hannosri – For God So Loved the World – This is a channeled novel about the life of Christ. It is well written and caused me to stop and think…a lot…about the (man) Yeshu’s daily life, his family and friends. I might not pick up this book today, but when it came into my life I was engrossed enough to read it twice. What a life this man lived…divine, human, 100% connected to source.

Barbara Stone PhD: Invisible Roots – A new book written by my friend and mentor Barbara Stone, PhD. She presents a new way of using Energy Healing that is very much outside the box, providing a way to reach challenging life issues that we can’t get to through traditional therapy, or even the energy psychologies. I am now working on certification in this program.

Taylor Caldwell: Dear and Glorious Physician – A very old historical novel about the life of the physician Luke. Yes, the same Luke of the New Testament. I am totally fascinated by the advanced medical skills practiced by Luke and the dynamic man he became.
James Redfield: The Celestine Prophecy – This is the novel that introduced the world to the idea that everything is made of energy that can be felt, seen and interacted with, and it comes with a great workbook. Besides all that, it is a nice adventure story. The principles of the 9 insights are outstanding life tools.

Echart Tolle: The Power of Now I loved this book on CD. I listened to it in the car while traveling and became so engrossed that I missed my turn and ended up somewhere along a country road in Virginia! True!

Clair Sylvia with William Novak: A Change of Heart – This autobiographical story hit the book stores as we were getting used to the idea of organ transplants. The author tells the story of her illness and her unique experiences after a heart– lung transplant. She made her life and the idea of cellular memory real for us, as she began to have access of some of the life experiences and preferences of her organ donor. Reads like a novel.

Levi, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ – How to explain this book first published in 1907 and last published in 2008? Levi tells the story of Christ’s early life, his education and his teachings in a manner uncommon to anything I have read before. If you yearn to understand history and some of the mysteries of the ages this is the book for you.

AND Barbara Brennan’s energy healing books, Some of Dr. Doreen Virtue’s books about archangels, the work of Maoshing Ni on Traditional Chinese Medicine and self-healing, the writing of Tich Nhat Hanh, Bernie Siegel, Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s, Dr. Emoto’s research and books, and a lot of contemporary authors and novels that I read for pure relaxation and fun.