Love, Trust, Forgive

love trust forgiveLove is the beginning of everything; it is the root of all relationships and the foundation of happiness and deep spiritual joy.

From love, or lack of love, all other things flow. With love we embrace all the virtues of the heart, including the ability to trust and forgive. Appendix A in Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care has a long list of virtues which are all definitions of love; abundance, honor, excellence, insight, balance, focus, kindness, communication, friendship, gratitude, openness.

The above virtues and many others can’t exist within you at the level your mind-body-spirit needs unless you gradually increase your capacity to give and receive real love – unconditional love. To grow in love is like seeing your-self as a flower and enjoying the process of opening into full bloom and beauty. If you need help blooming, ask for help. If you need to talk, find a friend or a professional who understands, and then talk until your heart and mind fill with insight and understanding.

I challenge you to look for and find your blocks, perceptions, attitudes, and memories that prevent you from being the best and most loving and kind person you can be. Sometimes radical change is involved.

There is a little known definition of radical that means getting to the root of an issue – discovering its cause. The definition of radical self-care that guides my writing and my life is based on this definition and is – Get to the root of your limitations, and then do whatever it takes to heal, survive, and thrive. In other words – love and forgive yourself into a full and joyous life.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I allow love to grow in my heart?
  • Am I able to accept love from family, friends, or a romantic partner?
  • Am I comfortable with the intimacy of a quiet conversation, sharing deep feelings, exposing my vulnerability?
  • Am I able to give love freely without guilt or self-doubt?
  • Do I feel like I deserve love; am worthy of being loved?
  • Am I able to trust myself and others?
  • Am I able to be honest with myself and others?
  • Can I forgive myself when I make a mistake?
  • Can I forgive others when I feel hurt or wronged?
  • Am I still living in the past or the future? Am I living fully in the now?
  • Do I feel the emotional strength that comes with joy and contentment?

Think through the question and then write out your answers so you can review them and grow from the experience. Let’s begin a conversation in the comments area – we all benefit from sharing our thoughts.