For Humanity

It is necessary to love yourself before you can love life.

It is necessary to love life before you can feel successful.

It is necessary to feel successful before it is possible to feel contentment.

For all other life

In order for me to stay alive and preserve my species, it is necessary for humanity to live with me in awareness, understanding, and acceptance.

Our human question is, “How do I define success so I can find contentment?” How I define success depends on my beliefs about myself and my competency, whether or not I feel safe in my life and in the world, my spiritual beliefs, and my willingness to live within my spiritual beliefs. In other words, it is necessary for all of my beliefs and actions to be consistent and compatible with each other so there is an absence of inner conflict.

One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that human life is not a crap shoot. It is well planned prior to our birth. We know who are parents are going to be and what our day-to-day life will be like. Each family member has agreed to the role he or she will play in our life, and we have made the same decision about our family members and our role in their lives. The same holds true for the other people we meet throughout life, whether we meet them once or we become friends. Our job is to stick to our plan as closely as possible so each person can receive the most benefit from their incarnation. But what is my plan? What am I to accomplish during my lifetime? At this moment the quote from Ram Dass comes to mind: “We are all just walking each other home”.

There are so many stories and books written about near death experiences that we know that everyone experiences a life review shortly after death. We are told that each individual views every second of life and experiences it from many perspectives in order to realize the impact of his or her words and actions on self and others. The review is not critical or judgmental. There is no punishment. The review is for growth, understanding, and gaining perspective about the life just completed.

Life is a spiritual growth experience whether lived in spirit or lived within a physical body. Human life is not easy. We have a lot of opportunities to stumble and fall. We have a lot of opportunities to learn and grow as well as opportunities soar to the heights of societal and professional success. All situations provide learning possibilities if we choose to embrace the lessons of each experience.

Life does not have to be the roller coaster ride of ups and downs that most of us experience. It can be a walk within two worlds; the world of physical life and the world of spiritual life. The great spiritual teachers over the centuries have introduced the idea of living your physical life guided by spirit. Yeshua speaks about his ability to live in this fashion in his book Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers. He also talks about how to accomplish living a conscious multi-dimensional life. His primary suggestion is to find mental silence so you can develop the ability to live from Creation’s gift – your love filled heart. Heart Love is there for all of us no matter who we are, what we’ve done, or whether or not we embrace a religious belief system. Heart love is part of being human, however we have to seek, find, and embrace that love.

I want to share a story with you and also a quote from that story. Lawrence Anthony is the author of the several books; one of them entitled “Elephant Whisperer”. Lawrence grew up in South Africa and because of his love of all animals he was asked to recuse a herd of wild elephants living on a game reserve. They kept breaking out of the fence, and they were all, including babies, scheduled to be shot and killed. He decided to care for them thus preserving their lives. At his death elephants came out of their natural habitat to honor him, many of them not having had contact with him for more than eighteen months. How did the elephants know of his death? How did they know where he lived? Some of the herd traveled many miles to be with him; to morn his passing.

This special story gives us clues about love, compassion, and the energetic connection of all life and between all species of life. We are all meant to live within a habitat and within a loving family. Life is a unique experience, and it takes many forms; some seen and some unseen. As beings of Creation, we are all meant to be part of the diverse culture that is life.

It is easy to pretend that only human life and human comfort matters. However, that is not true. From the point of view of Creation all life is equal and significant otherwise it would not have been created.

“Something in the universe is greater and deeper than human intelligence, and our understanding, or disbelief, of it is more naïve; even, than ants contemplating humans.” – Author Unknown


  • Thanks Janet for sharing your thoughtful perspective on life and on humanity. There are a number of quotes that I particularly resonated with: “Life is a spiritual growth experience”; “It is necessary for all of (our) beliefs and actions to be compatible with each other so there is an absence of inner conflict”. If we all lived life the way you suggest in this article, there would definitely be more peace in the world!

    • Hi Pamela,
      I am happy you found sentences and phrases in the article that you resonated with.
      You are very kind and thoughtful to share your thoughts with me. Thank you very much.
      My heart is full.

  • Love IS there for all of us, no matter who we are, what we’ve done, etc.! Thank you so much for this wonderful post. The story of the elephants was moving to me 🙂

    • I love that elephant story too. Animals are so amazing. Love is the most powerful medicine in the world.
      Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. Janet

    • Love Shared. Yes, Life is about loved shared!
      Thanks for sharing with me.

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