Family and True Love

In the book, Yeshua: 100 Meaningful Messages for Messengers, Message 10 defines the various kinds of love. The Love of Creation is defined as: “This love is innocent. There are no strings attached. It wants nothing from you other than your knowledge that it exists, and this is where you come from, and where you will return.”

In several messages Yeshua states “I became love walking” meaning he was a living physical expression of Creation Love, the same love that put all of the universes of creation into place. As he was, you and I are also. All we have to do is follow his lead to become “love walking” is embrace the truth of who we are and consciously live within in that truth.

Thich Nhat Hnah speaks of True Love in his 3rd Mindfuness Training and again in his book Being Love. Being Love speaks of bringing the love that is experienced during mediation and contemplation into our daily life as we interact with others. By becoming love through deep experience, we are able to share love and reduce the suffering of others. Likewise, we are able to reduce our own suffering.

Our family of origin, whether by birth or adoption, is meant to nurture us, educate us intellectually -socially- emotionally- spiritually, keep us safe from harm, and be of support in both good times and bad times. All families are not equipped to be an example of Creation Love, and most parents have not attained the ability to become Love Walking. Because this is so, it is not possible for most parents to teach their children a kind of love that is innocent, unconditional, and void of criticism and judgement. This kind of innocent, unconditional love is all-encompassing in a way that allows the child the freedom to grow and become the person he or she was intended to become.

In today’s society, most of us grow up with expectations, and we are taught to do and to be the way our parents want us to be. As soon as we begin school, it becomes necessary to meet various criteria to pass our classes and be promoted. It is necessary to possess a certain amount of talent to be a part of a band, orchestra, theater group, the school newspaper, or be part of a competitive athletic team. We may or may not encounter religious training, but if we do many of us are expected to believe what our parents believe.

In the United States, few children are taught to search and find their authentic soul self. Most are not taught that wisdom and love live within and can be found by learning to silence the mind. Instead, we are taught to follow a lot of rules, beliefs and societal norms. It is rather easy to see why we are stressed, alienated, and often a bit confused about our life and our purpose. We don’t know who we are or how to find ourselves – and we find it hard to believe that our futures are created by our thoughts and also limited by them.

The obvious question is: how do we become love walking? How do we find true love for self and help others find theirs? The answers – we believe in ourselves, understand our own worth and value, and understand that our possibilities and potential are limitless.

The second way to find love is to become aware and then live and grow within our awareness. For example, I never thought twice about throwing my chewing gum out the window while driving or onto the ground away from foot traffic. I’d never do that with even the smallest piece of paper, but gum is food and will decompose. The truth is that many little animals and birds get caught in our gum and injure themselves or die as if in a trap. I’ve learned this, and I will never carelessly discard my gum where any living being could be harmed. This is True Love for the tiny animals and birds.

I’ve finally digested the old American Indian custom of asking which apple to pick from the tree or ask which tree will kindly hold my bird feeder and accept the pounding that will happen when the bird feeder goes up. I ask first because plants and trees are living beings. They have a nervous system and some level of perception and sensory awareness just like you and me. Why not ask them permission? It is simply courteous, especially since what we do has the potential to end life. Asking first is True Love for plants and trees.

Are you still worried about what others will think if you “listen to your inner wisdom” or ask your sprained ankle “what do you need to heal?” I usually have these conversations in the privacy of my home or during mediation. However, I no longer care who thinks I’m “crazy” for believing my ankle knows exactly what it needs to heal or that my plants need to feel safe within my care in order to thrive.

Three thumbs up for True Love and to Becoming Love Walking. I have faith in you. I know you can find your own True Love – your spark of creation within. Once found, you will easily and graciously share it with yourself and others.