How Does Energy Flow?

by Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP
Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology

My friend and mentor Barbara Stone, PhD sent a beautiful energy medicine article for me to read, and I asked if I could share the information with you. She said yes! Barbara is a gifted energy psychologist and an instructor in the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology certificate training program and at Energy Medicine University. She is a gifted energy healer and the developer of a very innovative and powerful energy psychology method called Invisible Roots: Soul Detective. You can preview her award winning book Invisible Roots on Amazon at   ~Janet

What are the proper channels of energy flow in the human energy field? Should energy flow from the head to the toes, from the toes to the head, or in some other configuration? Actually, all of the different ways energy flows in the body can get very complicated, so I’m just going to present some basic concepts of the major flows in the three vectors of the human energy field: up-down, back-front, and left-right.


Polarity sets the direction of energy flow. Energy always flows from one point to another. One side of a battery sends out ions and the other end receives the ions. Conventionally, the flat side of a battery is marked negative (-) and the bump side is labeled positive (+). Ben Franklin thought that the positive side gave energy and the negative side received it. But actually, we now know that the electrons flow the other way. The bump side of a battery receives energy and the flat side gives it out. If we put a battery into a device backwards, it will not function properly. Likewise, each energy pathway in the body needs to flow in the proper direction (proper polarity) for optimal functioning.


To better understand how energy works, think of how the plant kingdom  operates. In plants, the roots grow down and the leaves grow up. How does a plant cell know whether to go up or down? Polarity!

A plant seed does not have any polarity before germination. The technical term is that it is “apolar,” or it could be called “non-polarized.” Then when the seed gets the proper conditions of moisture, temperature, and darkness, it germinates. An etheric template then pops out with polarities set so that the end that points up will start growing leaves and the end that points down will start growing roots.

The major energy flow in plants is that the roots are south-seeking, going down into the earth, and the top of the plant is north-seeking, pointing to the sky. The two energy flows go out from the base of the plant, level with the ground.

But actually, energy flows both ways in the roots of the plant. The plant sends the roots deep down into the earth for one purpose—to bring up water and nutrients from the earth to nourish itself. So the roots grow down, but energy also comes up the roots. Energy also flows both ways in the leaves. The branches grow up to seek the sunlight, and then the leaves receive the energy of the sun and bring that nourishment down into the core of the plant.


The human energy field is actually a scalar wave, which is a standing wave that goes out and returns back traveling on the very same vector on which it went out. A scalar wave is continuous, unlike the dissipating energy wave formed when a pebble drops into water. Although energy keeps flowing both in and out of the human body on the same pathways, the predominant direction of energy flow during waking hours turns around and goes the other way during our sleeping hours.

Plants and humans are inversely paired in complementary relationships. Our blood is red, and plant blood is green. We breathe in oxygen, which plants produce, and we breathe out carbon dioxide, which the plants need. Likewise, the major pathways of energy flow in humans are the inverse of the plant kingdom.


What should be the major polarity flow in a healthy human at the crown of the head? Giving or receiving? Do we want to receive the energy of the sky into our bodies to nourish ourselves, or do we want to send up our personal power to energize the sun? Obviously, we want to receive the sky energy, so the ideal polarity or major direction of ion flow at the crown of the head would be receiving.


How can we measure whether or not this polarity at the crown chakra is set properly? In Energy Psychology, we use the hand to check energy flow, because the hand also has polarity. Which side of the hand does more energy come out of, the back of the hand or the palm? If you’re not sure, try shaking hands with someone by rubbing the backs of your hands together!

While the palms both give and receive energy, their major polarity flow is giving. The major polarity of the back of the hand is receiving. If a person puts opposite poles of two magnets together, they will attract each other, as one side gives and the other side receives. This arrangement is a good fit. Two magnetic poles that are the same, whether they are both positive or both negative, will repel each other.


Energy Psychology uses clinical kinesiology, also called muscle testing, to check proper polarity at the crown of the head by placing a palm down on top of the head. Since the palm is giving and the top of the head should be receiving, energy should flow properly with this arrangement, and this muscle test should lock. To double-check proper polarity, we then place the back of the hand, whose major energy flow is receiving, on the crown of the head. If the major energy flow at the crown of the head is receiving as it should be, then this test puts two like polarities together and should result in resistance or disruption to the energy flow which will make the test muscle unlock.


Now, which way should energy flow at the feet? Do we, with our personal energy, want the primary flow of our energy to be that we nourish the planet earth? Or do we want the primary flow of energy to be that we draw up energy from the earth’s electromagnetic field to nourish our bodies?

I prefer the second option, though energy flow needs to be a two-way street, and we also need to regularly send thanks to our Earth Mother for all she provides for us.  A plant expands from its center. Inversely, the major energy flow in a human is drawing energy into the center.


At the heart center, this nourishment we are pulling in from above and below intersects with the front- back vector of our three-dimensional human energy field (up-down, front-back, and left-right).


On the front-back axis of the human energy field, proper energy flow is receiving energy from the back and sending it out the front. If you’re not sure about this direction, try hugging someone back to back! Likewise, time goes from the past (the back) into the future (the front) intersecting with the physical body in the magic of the present moment.

Then the up-down energy flow into the center joins the back to front energy flow to go out from the heart center into the world and to the people we serve. The energy of the heart center, or heart chakra, has 50 times the electrical strength of the brow chakra and 5,000 times the magnetic strength of the brow chakra. That’s how important our hearts are!



Of course, the heart center also has a two-way energy flow. Love is the emotional quality of the energy at the heart center. We both give and receive love energy through this center—output and input. Which one should be the major energy flow during the day, when we are shining our light into the world? Output, giving.

When people are extremely depleted, their polarity becomes reversed, so the major energy flow at the heart center will be input, taking in energy. Since people with reversed polarity will suck out energy from others in their environment, they could be called “energy vampires.” As caregivers, if we feel depleted by an energy vampire, we can replenish our energy supply in the moment by consciously pulling in more energy from above and below, from the infinite sources of the cosmos and the huge battery of Mother Earth that is beneath our feet. But we also get major replenishment of our energy fields by getting proper rest.


We recharge and heal our bodies at night while we sleep.

After putting out energy all day, we need to recharge. The situation is like a cell phone battery that wears out after we have talked a long time and needs to be plugged into the wall outlet to recharge. Recharging is easier when we lie down so that we can draw in power from the earth and sky not just through the feet (root chakra) and head (crown chakra) like during the day, but from all five major chakras between the crown and the root: the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras.

Have you noticed how much better recharging works when we are lying down than if we are standing up? Have you ever tried to sleep standing up, or even sitting up in an airplane seat? When a person lies down on the back, then the front vortex of each chakra on the head and torso will aim toward the sky and the back vortex of each of these chakras will aim toward the earth. These chakras can then pull in energy from the earth and the sky and send it to every organ and cell of the body to recharge, repair, and replenish the system.

After the battery is recharged by a good night’s rest, our polarities shift from input mode back to output mode, and we awake refreshed and ready to go!


Proper polarity on the left-right axis of the human energy field is receiving energy from the left side, which is also seen as the feminine side of the body, and giving energy out through the right side, which is also seen as the masculine side of the body. Likewise, in human sexual anatomy, the feminine receives and the masculine gives.

You can learn more about Barbara and her work by clicking on the links below:


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      This is a wonderful article written by my friend Barbara Stone. I am glad you found it and that your questions are answered!

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  • Thank you so much for this it helps me understand what I am experiencing. It makes it much clearer.

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  • Thank you Barbara you make is so clear.
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  • Your explanations have helped me relate to the numerous things we do in Indian traditions to receive and gain the energy flow. Thank you so much for the article.

  • Is there an energy flow in the path of an infinity sign, in the head and in the heart? Thank you

    • Hi Melanie, Yes there is an energy flow in the infinity sign, the head and the heart. The infinity symbol flows balancing energy within itself and can be used to balance yourself with medicine, food, etc. We are energy beings, so all parts of our body are energy based. Energy flows through the brain to communicate with the body and the world – each time we have a thought, our neurons fire and a neuropathways is lighted up creating emotions and more thoughts. I know this is not a complete answer, but it does give you a little bit of information.

      • So Wich direction would be best to sleep in,n,s,e,or west

  • I sit here @ 2:49 in the am, wide awake, thinking about how simply speechless I am upon reading this… I have always believed in energy flows affecting our lives; mindsets, moods, even manifesting. The concepts of the importance of the balance of intake and output being key for me above most. This article was hands down the most informative, sound and interesting thing I have ever read on the subject. I have to admit though with some mild embarrassment that I have NEVER heard of Energy Psychology before, nor have I ever imagined there could be a name for these secret principles that seem more known to those of us who consider ourselves empaths and light workers of positivity, love and balance. Thank you for sharing this!:) And a special thank you to the brilliant writing of Barbara Stone. I will be reading more of her works hopefully and utilizing her knowledge to help expand my mind and quality of existence for myself and everyone I love. Which is everyone. Lol. Take care and thanks again!

    • I missed your comment until today. So happy you enjoyed Barbara Stone’s article. She is a wealth of information.

  • This article is so helpful! Explains the flow of energy in clear terms and brings all the information together in such a great way. So many lightbulbs going off and connections being made while I read through it! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • Bonnie, I agree that it is a great article. Barbara Stone knows her stuff. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Thank you for explaining this. It explains why I get much better rest when I lay down than when I sleep sitting up. I am currently still suffering from extreme sleep apnea, but with the help of my CPAP machine, I too have found Blissful sleep. It also explains why my left foot is feeling hot and tingley when I am doing energy modulation. Thank You again for all of your knowledge.

  • I wonder if you could comment on how energy disruption might affect our body. I suspect that have some problem with the energy flow on my left side. I have noticed that during my entire life I have always had problems with the left: broken left arm, left hip replacement, broken left leg, Brest cancer affecting my left breast, and lately, slight hearing problem on my left ear. Any comments and observations are very welcome. I tried to research the phenomenon my own but didn’t find any information. Thank you, Anna

  • hi I am confused by energy as it seems to have an intelligence of its own I hold out my hands and feel the energy and I can ask it to sit me down and it did as I asked I felt the energy gently push me over to sit me down I did this as an experiment as I have had some weird experiences with energy have you got an explanation for this ?

    • Hi Alley,
      It is hard for me to answer your question, as I don’t have much information. Everything is energy and everything responds to our words, thoughts, and feelings. That would mean asking for help to stand up or sit down. You may be naturally talented. Getting that kind of response is not all that common. If you want to talk with me personally, let me know and I’ll be glad to chat with you. Send a message from mindfulpathways. If you have someone local that practices Healing Touch, Reiki, acupressure or acupuncture, I’d make an appointment and talk with them in depth. I suggest that you don’t play with any of the energy games on the market, they can be dangerous especially someone who has a natural talent. Janet

  • I really would appreciate to get clear about whether while we breathe in energy moves from bottom to top through back and while we breathe out it goes from top to bottom through front or not? Plese im having a problemwith all the diatorted feelings i get

    • I think you are talking about a specialized kind of breathing. We can breathe up and down our spinal cord – up on the in-breath and down on the out-breath. Tai Chi teaches MicroCosmic breathing that flows up our spine over our head and down the front midline via the governing and central vessels.

  • Excellent read. I had been struggling to understand how energy flows and this helped me understand it a little bit better. Thank you!

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