The Forgiveness Diet

By Walter E. Jacobson, MD

Welcome Guest blogger, Dr. Walter Johnson, MD. Dr. Johnson’s new book, Forgive to Win, features a wonderful new way to be emotionally healthy…The Forgiveness Diet. Obviously, this diet has nothing to do with food. It is a daily regimen of mindful thoughts, actions, and exercises designed to create positive outcomes to help you reach your short and long-term goals.  ~Janet


Most of us don’t get what we want in our lives because we sabotage ourselves: We procrastinate. We resist. We don’t follow through. The end result is a life of unfulfillment and disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When we eliminate the guilt, shame, and self-loathing deeply embedded in our unconscious mind which generate our self-sabotaging behaviors, our lives dramatically change.

The way we eliminate our guilt, shame, and self-loathing is to esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves. The way we esteem ourselves and forgive ourselves is to esteem and forgive others. The way we esteem and forgive others is to engage in the Forgiveness Diet, a daily regimen of thoughts, actions and exercises devoted to accepting, forgiving and being of service to others.

As we consistently practice the Forgiveness Diet on a daily basis, our self-esteem increases and our self-sabotaging behaviors decrease, which results in greater opportunities and more positive outcomes in all realms of our lives.

We Forgive To Win!

If you find this hard to believe because you’ve put your faith in “Nice guys finish last” and “No good deed goes unpunished,” understand that these are false beliefs generated by your judgmental, fearful ego to keep you stuck in a world of limitation and victimhood, and that they will never deliver to you the level of success and prosperity you aspire to.

I’m not wrong. As a board-certified psychiatrist who has been working with people for years to help them overcome their self-sabotaging behaviors, I’ve seen the power of love, generosity and forgiveness dramatically transform their lives.

If you’ve read a variety of self-help books and tried all sorts of self-help techniques, and yet you still don’t have the life you want, maybe now’s the time to try something different that might actually bring you the blessings and abundance that you desire and deserve.

My Forgiveness Diet is not complicated. And it works! You can read all about it in my Best-Selling book, Forgive To Win!

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