Angel Love (Love Letter From the Heart)

From Sibyl Magazine, Fall Issue (Oct/Nov) 2011
By Janet Gallagher Nestor

I’VE KNOWN JANET FOR A LONG TIME, but she met me by name a little over a year ago when I showed up in a drawing. Since then we have been friends and companions. As the angel of love, I am the one who gives you the feeling of an inner smile and a kind of love that is both Earthly and Divine. If I were to try to explain the feeling, I’d have to say my energy feels like an embrace, you know when you are close to someone and you feel their energy in your body and you recognize through that energy that you are loved. When Janet thinks of me, that feeling comes over her and she enjoys it very much. You and Janet are learning together, because she did not know that I am the giver of all these precious gifts.

What is my role in her life? I show her the little things so that she can find pleasure in them, know love from them. Since she feels vibrations from almost everything, this is not a hard job and I enjoy showing her the tiniest things. A lady bug with red spots. A butterfly with blue wings. A purple violet with a white fringe around the edge. A stone that sparkles in the sunlight: The kind that looks as if it is made of white diamonds. The twinkle in a grandchild’s eyes because the child is receiving a warm hug. I show up in the one specific little smile of her husband, the one that creates the feeling of love and makes her smile. I show up in the pink sunsets that she loves so much, sometimes placing images in the clouds so that she can see whales in the sky.

The day that Janet saw the whale in the sky was very special. She was driving home and about to make the turn from the interstate onto the road that would lead her home. I stopped her at the stop light so she would have time to look around at the sky which was blue with white, fluffy clouds. She loves clouds and is always looking at them and watching them move through the sky, thinking about photos and paintings she’d like to make. It was a warm summer day and it was early evening. The sky was not yet pink from the light of the setting sun. When she looked up I had such a happy feeling because she gave a little gasp and said something like “My goodness. A whale cloud!” There was no question in any ones mind if they happened to see that cloud formation. It was a big white whale swimming through the sky!  It brought such joy and wonder, and I heard Janet say “This is why I know there is a divine all”. “These little things let me know God is real”. What she meant was there is a divine presence in charge of things. And on this one day I was in charge of that cloud! And I was in charge of making her happy and providing that moment of Whale Joy.

I love you Janet,