Mindless to Mindful – A Frozen Foods Tale

By Joan Kappes

Mindfulpathways welcomes guest blogger Joan Kappes who has written a delightful and meaningful post about one brilliant mindful moment that created a huge shift in her attitude about grocery shopping. Joan’s blog has a wonderful message and I hope that you’ll stop by and pay her a visit. Her contact information is at the end of the post. – Janet


My story takes place in the frozen foods section. 

Before continuing, however, please pause for a moment and think of one “should”, “must” or “have to” activity which gives you little enjoyment or pleasure. Keep this in mind while reading, ok? As they say, ‘misery loves company’, and as you will soon discover, inspirational moments love company too! Did you think of something? Let’s continue!

My “required” task is grocery shopping. Decades of mindless shopping for food has not led me to the experience known as “enjoyment”. This mindset has produced just that – a mind-less, aware-less, heart-less experience…until last weekend.

While mindlessly rushing through the store, trying to complete the dreaded task as quickly as possible, I slowed down and looked around. All of a sudden, I perceived something new. Before me, in my mind’s eye, I saw not the task, but the gift. I experienced the colors, smells, textures and variety – suddenly, a feast to behold! I saw the myriad of choices available to me. I noticed the dedication of the distributors, delivery people and stockers. I experienced the care and creativity that went into the presentation. I felt gratitude for every thing and every one involved! So much to behold viewing through this new lens! I laughed out loud! I was surprised by my joy, yet relished its wonderful feeling. THIS was not what I expected in the frozen foods section!

What once was a mundane task has become a new, life giving experience! Going forth, I have a choice: Rushing and dreading this grocery shopping experience or choosing to slow down, becoming mindful and grateful for the gifts it bestows. Today, I choose to create a new habit. I choose to re-frame and allow new surprises and new richness to come into my life.even in unlikely places.

At the beginning, I said that like misery, inspirational moments love company too. Now it’s your turn to choose. Re-frame (what once was) that dull task. It’s just a habit. This required task still needs your attention, so mindfully and deliberately choose to experience it in a new way. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted through this new lens. YOU get to choose!

Since this experience, I must tell you – the frozen peas have never tasted better!

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