Independence, Alternatives, Emancipation, Choice, Options, Liberty, Boldness, Release, Liberation
Allowing myself freedom to see the choices I have
and the freedom to choose what is best for me
Allowing myself to feel loved
Allowing myself to feel happiness and joy
Allowing myself peace and serenity
Allowing myself :
            a happy life
            positive thoughts           
            a shopping trip to the mall
            a vacation with family
            a ride in an elevator
            to drive in a rain storm
            a joyous sexual relationship
            a future without fear and worry
            a past without shame and guilt
            a look at my naked body without self judgment
            self acceptance
            to say I love you to me
            to say I love you to others
            to wear the colors and styles that I want
            to sit down with friends at a restaurant and enjoy the meal               
            to walk into a room without fear that everyone is looking at me
            the ability to lock the door and walk away without repeated checking
            days without pain
            refreshing sleep and happy mornings
            peace of mind


  • Beautiful, Janet – I just want to hug this list!

    As I read down through, I felt as if you compiled this list exclusively for ME and I'm certain others will feel the same way. You are a fabulous writer and thought leader.

    I'll have to admit – it's going to take me a lifetime to master "a look at my naked body without self judgment" – Eeek! 🙂

  • Hi Melanie! Thank you for your very nice words! They mean a lot coming from you!


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