A Spirit of Healing

Circuits of Joy
Published in the Dec/Jan 2010 issue of
Circuit: A partial or continuous path over which a current flows.
Winter holiday excitement is literally floating in the air and into our hearts. Radio stations are offering continuous play of holiday tunes and our homes are festively dressed for celebration. We want these joyous feelings to last forever.
The virtue of joy is everlasting because our Creator gave us a life time gift that is instantly accessible. Embracing our gift would be easier if we all came packaged with a big red bow and gift tag reading “Wired for joy, please connect immediately, limitless access to home. Plug into your nearest Radiant Circuit if your joy frequency requires rejuvenation. More detailed instructions are available”.
When we look within our miraculous body, we find our Radiant Circuits, sometimes called Strange Flows, Psychic Channels or Circuits of Joy. Radiant Circuits energetically connect all of our body’s organs and systems, energize, rejuvenate and provides a sense of connectedness and heightened spiritual awareness. They offer the ability to “communicate” with our God, Angels, and Teachers for the messages that guide our lives.
My holiday gift to you, Radiant Energies Balance Relaxation Posture, is a recipe that allows you to connect to your inner joy. To accomplish this breathe through your nose. Touch your tongue to the gum ridge behind your upper teeth, providing access to balanced power and feelings of healthy pride. Place your right arm across your chest, your hand resting under your left breast with your fingers reaching toward the side of your body, providing access to feelings of security and faith. Place your left arm across your right, with your hand resting about an inch above your right elbow. The fingers of your left hand are now touching a sedation point responsible for stimulating hope and confidence. Cross your ankles for extra support. This posture connects your Radiant Circuits, and it can be used as often as you want to help you sleep, create deeper relaxation during meditation, relax from a hectic day or help you through any life challenge. Over time, with regular use, our body “cues up” to the relaxation response and the feeling of well-being. When this happens, you are in touch with the joy within, and if you need “recharged” your know how and where to find your joy.
With patience and practice, each of us, regardless of our levels of anxiety and stress, can accomplish joy and peacefulness that includes a deep inner awareness. If at first you don’t achieve the response you want, keep trying. The posture is designed to melt away the stress and anxiety as our autonomic nervous system regains balance. After a session always look for the positive differences rather than what remains the same. Ask “What has Changed” and claim your gift.
Happy Holiday and may the JOY of the Divine be Continuously Yours