Earth Angels

“In good times and bad times, I’ll be on your side for evermore … that’s what friends are for.”
~ Sager and Bacharach

helping_hands7 Who are your Earth Angels?  We all have them, even if we are not aware of them or believe they exist.  Being mindful of the presence of our human and spiritual friends is important to our life process, and learning to recognize their presence is a wonderful gift for us. Recognition creates connection and connection creates wholeness.

If we choose to live mindfully we are choosing to acknowledge important information coming from our life experience and from our sensory body: sound, touch, taste, smell, intuition, spiritual awareness.  During meditative states of consciousness we are able to notice the connections that exist between ourselves and others, and the connections we make between our core self and the creative force of the universe.  Understanding and experiencing these connection gives us a greater opportunity to get to know our Earth Angels and other human and spiritual teachers that are here for us.  The ability to recognize our helpers gives us a window into the real meaning of life.

One of my early Earth Angel friends was an imaginary friend that I named Gently.  I was a preschooler at the time, living in a new city with a new step father.  I had lots of adjustments to make and Gently showed up to help me make them.  She was my constant companion and play mate.  She taught me how to be more self-reliant and let me know that she could be trusted, no matter what.  It was not until many years later, around 1994 or so, that I learned she was more than an imaginary friend.  A very gifted energy healer showed me a picture of a young woman I recognized instantly!  I was stunned, elated, and honestly in a bit of disbelief.  In that instant I knew that my childhood friend Gently was a spiritual teacher manifesting in a way that a little girl could accept.  She is still with me, a part of my adult spiritual family and will continue with me for the rest of my life.

Several months ago I attended an energy psychology training in Florida taught by my friend and mentor Dr. Barbara Stone, author of the award winning book Invisible Roots.  There were seven members of the group, six of whom studied together in an earlier class.  I was the new addition to the group.  As we sat around the table on that first day it was obvious that we were no ordinary class and the next two days were going to be extraordinary.  Each class member was intuitive with diverse spiritual communication skills.  The experience was magical and for those two days we were Earth Angles to each other.  We each healed emotional – spiritual wounds because the others were there to help.  A bond was formed that is remarkably special for me, and I’ll never forget those 48 hours.

I have a great uncle who was an Earth Angel to me and probably for most every child he met.  We  first met when I was about five years old.  At the time he was elderly and in declining health.  I loved spending time with him because he let me know that I was an important part of his life.  Even at age 5, I knew when he looked at me, he saw the real me and he understood me.  When I talked with him, he listened.  He always had wonderful things to say and a way of talking that made his words dance around the room.  He was playful and engaged me in magical little adventures that are as special to me today as they were all those years ago.  With a twinkling smile that radiated from his eyes, he quietly taught me that life is a magnificent adventure.  I believed!  Even when he was too sick to spend time with me, I sat at the top of the steps just to be close to him, knowing that he knew I was there.  And it was enough.

I know that you have Earth Angel stories too.  I know that your heart has been touched so deeply that the touching changed your life forever.  Living mindfully allows us to recognize these gifts and give them the importance they deserve.  Maybe your Earth Angel was a very special brief encounter that you can’t forget, perhaps a relative or family friend who inspired you, a teacher who enlightened you, a counselor who supported you when you felt all alone.  Perhaps you’ve developed a relationship with your angel guide or had a spiritual experience of great importance.  Just the other day one of my clients, a gentleman who has been struggling with a very challenging and chronic mood disorder was touched by a sudden and profound reversal of all his symptoms.  He and his wife felt a loving presence  as they talked about his illness.  As they noticed the presence, a warmth flowed through them, and the symptoms disappeared.

I encourage you to take the time to note your beautiful life experiences, giving gratitude, experiencing and re-experiencing the love that has been shared with you.  Write your beautiful adventures down in as much detail as you can so your memories come alive.


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