Health and Wellness Giveaway Event


Hi Mindfulpathways Friends,

Mindfulness can extend to wise shopping, and this is one of those times when it is wise to take a look and choose those things that are perfect for you at the perfect price…FREE.

I have already visited the site and downloaded a book packed with information that I’ll be able to share with others and a marvelous meditation CD download that I’ll use to relax. This is like a major birthday party and all the gifts are for me! However…

I am giving a gift too. I’ve chosen to offer an e-copy of Pathways to Wholeness during the Health and Wellness products giveaway. I hope you’ll get your copy! I’ve created an audio recording of one of my favorite poems from the book. I am inserting the link here for you to enjoy too. The poem is entitled “Mindful Consciousness.”

Take time to go to the site, register as a member and shop till you drop. No strings attached. The gifts are free. You do need to leave your name and email address when you download each gift. That is it! Here is the link. Happy Shopping.