Love, Trust and Forgiveness

 Thanks for all the wonderful support I received on July 20, 2011 when my article appeared on  Thanks to those who continue to stop by leaving a comment, tweeting out or sharing the article on  Facebook.  For those of you who missed the article here it is.

Whether our last day on Earth or the day of our birth, love, trust and forgiveness are the essentials of life.  I know that I need these three nurturing ingredients, and I know you need them too.

I have found that living within a family is a magnificent gift and a loving commitment.  To make the family work, each member offers the gift of being physically, emotionally and spiritually available to the other family members.  As insurance, we grow a connection between us so deep and strong that love, trust and forgiveness reach across time and distance to mutually nurture each others heart and soul.

Almost genetically, the ability to love, trust and forgive is passed from generation to generation.   How do we make sure that those who love and depend on us are safe, secure, and grow up with the ability to love without restraint, exhibiting a trust in self that says “Yes, I can”?   Here is what I have learned and want to share with with you.

Know yourself.  Know what is really important to you and learn to set priorities so that you have time for the important essentials.

Laugh at every opportunity and when an opportunity does not exist, make one!.  Laughter lifts our mood, jiggles up our molecules and boosts our immune system.

When you give your word, keep it.  Your word is your honor.  Without honor, you are lost to yourself and to the world.  With honor, all things are possible.

Love is free.  Trust and forgiveness take root and flourish in the soil of unconditional love.

When you genuinely love someone, tell them.   If you can do this, life will be kinder, gentler, more fulfilling and more enjoyable.  Love comes back to you, and you are nourished by the love you give as well as the love you receive.

When you are wrong admit it.  Forgive yourself when you are wrong and then let yourself off the hook so you can move forward.  When others are wrong, forgive them and support their journey with honesty, clarity and compassion.

Live in the present moment.  There are enough challenges in today to keep you occupied, and when you take care of today’s challenges, tomorrow is brighter and yesterday is a happy memory.

Trust the process of life.  Accept what is, and if you are unhappy with what is, change your reality to a reality you can live with.  Progress is a process so be patient with yourself and live peacefully within your life process.

Trust in the authenticity of Universal Wisdom.  Universal Wisdom is 100% trustworthy.  When you receive a message from your heart or from your spiritual family of guides, teachers, guardian angels  you can trust the message.  Trusting the wisdom of your heart and the communications from spirit will always guide you in the most positive manner.