Building Our Inner Resources

Enrich YOUR life one step at a time.
“People Tested” suggestions that help us build and strengthen our existing inner resources:

· Determine what you require to cultivate your inner oasis.  What fills up your empty spaces?  What feelings, activities, and people support feelings of joy and peace?  Are you most relaxed in the mountains, at the shore, in the wide-open fields, or in the middle of a bustling city?  How do you recharge your mind, body and spirit when you are tired?  Do you need quiet and contemplative rest (introvert) or do you recharge in a noisy group of friends and family (extrovert)?

· Build comfort and self-compassion into your lifestyle by creating environments that are designed to help you thrive.  We have the ability to attain our personal best when we have both a joyous inner environment and a warm and nurturing outer environment in which to live and work.  Positive outer environments are created by employment that meets our creative, emotional, spiritual and financial needs.  A positive personal environment, our inner oasis, is created by surrounding ourself with like-minded, honest, and loving people who have the emotional and spiritual ability to be true friends and companions.  We build positive inner environments by loving, nurturing and forgiving ourselves.

· Give yourself soft cuddly rugs by the bed, the soft light of candles while you eat, flowers on your window sill, deep- warm- scented water in the bath, clean and fresh sheets on the bed, a token of love and good luck in your pocket.

P4110016· Place pictures of people you love around your house and around your work area.

· Place favorite trinkets and keepsakes from relaxing vacations and beautiful places on your desk and on your shelves.

· Surround yourself with your favorite colors. Paint them on your walls. Plant them in your garden. Wear them.

· Create a peaceful commute by playing meditation tapes while you drive or by listening to a book you haven’t had time to read.

· Save some time each day that is for you, and you alone. Use it to do the things you want to do.

· Learn something every day that increases your wisdom, or simply makes you smile.

· Build a positive and supportive group of friends who love to laugh, give good hugs, and are there when you need them.

· We all need touch, so we make sure we get enough hugs to create feelings of well-being and connectedness.

· Spend a few moments each day thinking about emotionally healthy and realistic ways to show your love for others.

· Last but not least, nourish your inner-self daily with self-love!

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