The Tao of Living in Balance

Tao is defined as Truth or the Way of Balance

On the tightrope of life, only one thing allows us to move forward, and that one thing is balance. Without balance we fall into chaos, we fall behind, we miss out on what true choices we have in life. Balance is achieved through awareness. Awareness of what we have on our plate. What is working and what is not. What feels good and what doesn’t. Where we are and where we want to be. With awareness, we have choice, the freedom to choose, free will. It is choice that gives us power. Power to choose. Power which is energy. Energy that allows us to move forward in alignment with our choices. We all want to live a full life, and the key to living a full life is finding the balance”.
~ Laura Kanga

Balance is the key to a happy life.
If we are too happy, happiness becomes exhausting.
If we are too sad,
the world turns black and our light seems to extinguish itself.
If there is too much day, we do not soundly sleep.
When there is too much dark, we find we do not awaken promptly.
If we love too much, we loose ourselves.
If we love too little we never find ourselves.
If we are hungry, all we can think about is food and eating.
If there is a banquet table laden with food,
we can wait until tomorrow to eat because we know the food is there.
If we are hungry for knowledge, there are not enough books to quench our desire.
If we are content with our knowledge, all the books in the world do not entice us.
When we live in balance there is harmony.
If we live in chaos, the balance is not obvious.
When things are ordered, balance presents itself without effort.
In balance we ARE love
In LOVE we are balanced.
~ Janet Gallagher Nestor