How to Keep a Joy Journal


A journal is a way to keep a record of something that is important to us.  It records our thoughts about a particular topic, and our topic is JOY.  I kept one for a long time, and now I think it would be fun if you kept one too.  There is no better way in the world to have a visual of our daily blessings and all the little miracles that happen.
Joy Journal
Our Joy Journal keeps a record of the small joys of life just as surely as it records the major joys and accomplishments.  In fact, I’m interested in the small joys because they are the ones that we don’t mentally “record”.  We notice them, but for some reason we seldom remember them beyond the second they happened.  
How Do I Keep a Joy Journal?
Keeping a joy journal is very easy and fun.  We begin to focus on all of the positive happenings in our life.  We keep our joy journal just like we would keep any other journal, only this one requires only a minute or two of our time once or twice each day.  We simply jot down a few words about something positive that happened.  I love to keep my joy journal in my purse.  But you can keep it by your bed, in your pocket, in your desk drawer or on the counter top in the kitchen.  All we have to do is write down the joys of our life a few words at a time.  No page long stories.  Just a sentence or two when something good happens.
Joys come in all sizes and shapes.  What are yours?  Here is a list of things that you might not consider writing down, but these are the kinds of things I want you to begin to notice.  Remember it is the little things that can add up to something really mind blowing.
A huge bright blue butterfly landed on my window sill.
A stranger actually stopped and helped me get my car out of the ditch.
I loved the way that mother looked at her little twins.
The woodpecker came to the bird feeder again this morning.  Yipee!
My neighbor brought me a warm loaf of bread this morning.
My husband (wife, friend, or companion) called me from work just to say hello.
My daughter passed the history test she was sure she failed.
I helped my 5 year old son ride a two wheel bike to day.
The lawn looked so green after the rain…it looked like a post card.
Every joy is important.  Each time we smile it is important.  Each time we have a small success, it is life changing.  Each time we laugh, we strengthen our immune system.  Most of us have no idea how many positive things happen to us in any given day.  We take them for granted.   
 Each time you read your joy journal, it will make you happy all over again!  After a few weeks pass and you flip through the pages, you will be AMAZED at all the wonderful entries. 
Have fun, and if you think about it, email me and let me know how you liked this activity.


  • Janet, a joy journal seems to encapsulate so much more than a gratitude journal. It is so easy to take for granted what we have, this is a great way to remind us of the simple pleasures in life that make our lifes full of joy and wonder.
    Thanks for sharing

  • This post is going to compel people to go grab a butterfly net and start capturing some joy! 🙂


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