A Spirit of Healing – Peacefulness Within

“WHEN YOUR SENSE OF SELF IS NO LONGER TIED TO THOUGHT, is no longer conceptual, there is a depth of feeling, of sensing, of compassion, of loving, that was not there when you were trapped in mental concepts.  You are that depth.”   ~ Eckhart Tolle

You are that depth.  You have within you an inner oasis, a place of harmony and love.  It is there to provided you with the comforting feelings of self-love, including the feelings of peacefulness.

We all have a memory, or an experience that defines peacefulness for us.  Can you remember a special moment when things came together perfectly and you felt absolute peace?  Maybe you were a child playing alone in your tree house.  Maybe you were holding your new born baby in your arms.  Maybe you were walking along the sea shore watching the waves roll in and out.  Whenever it was, whatever you were doing, you’ll never forget that sensation, the feelings of unity, joy and safety.  And because you felt it, you know it is possible.  You want to feel the same peacefulness, the same unity and love over and over again.  You desire to live within those feelings.

I have a memory that seems impossible and is little more than a somatic snapshot of awareness – a gift that continues to inspire my journey.  I was a baby, not yet walking.  I was placed on my back on a blanket spread on the ground under a big tree.  I can remember a woman’s legs and her skirt moving about.  Then I was alone.  My whole world was the blanket, the leaves dancing overhead, the warm sunshine and the blue sky.  As I lay there watching the leaves dance about, looking at the blue sky, something happened.  I merged with creation.  I became complete bliss and contentment – perfect peacefulness.  The experience was so powerful it etched itself into my consciousness.  This little snapshot of awareness is always there to remind me of my ideal state of being…the state of innocent oneness.  Perfect peacefulness within.

This new year, 2012, is a mystical year, a year of peace, transformation and rebirth.  Let it be your rebirth.  Shine your light.  Let peace grow within your heart and shine out into the world.  The more your light shines, the better you feel.  The better you feel the more contentment and peacefulness you experience.  The more contentment and peacefulness you experience, the more your light shines … and the process continues to evolve into infinity…each one of us in a beautiful cycle of peacefulness, each heart shining.  The world shifting and becoming peaceful, one person at a time.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday
Peacefulness Within during 2012

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