The Poetry from Pathways to Wholeness

Wishing You A Happy and Relaxed Holiday Season


As I Walk, I Am
Earth is my home.
Her foliage brings softness and beauty,
and provides the breath of life.
Everything about her brings attention to divine beginning.
My footsteps touch Her peacefully, and I know.
My eyes gently focus on everything and nothing, and I see.
My mind is quiet and free of worry, and it refreshes me.
My breath flows softly in and out, and my senses
are heightened.
My body is alive, as I fully experience my wholeness
and the miraculous nature of each footstep.
My awareness is expanded, and I acknowledge
and honor the Presence within me.
My being merges with all that there is, and I am at home.
My totality celebrates life.
Creation is part of me and I am part of Her.
As I walk, I am.

Mindful Consciousness
Is a silent way, a peaceful way
A pathway to joy and peace within
A pathway to being fully present
Nurturing, restful, restorative and healing.
It is an opportunity to unify and harmonize my
mind, body, spirit, emotions
An opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of
my birth, my breath, my life
An opportunity to experience the splendor of all
life and all things within Creation
An opportunity for me to experience and
celebrate my oneness with Creation
An experience of wholeness
A healing for all – across time, for all time.

Walking Meditation
Each step is the walk.
One step at a time.
Each step is taken now.
Each breath is taken now.
Time before is not here with me.
Time to come has not yet arrived.
I am free of past and future.
Life is now.
In meditation, I walk alone in togetherness.
I walk into my own wholeness.
I walk into understanding.
I am the understanding.
I walk to experience inner peace.
Each step I take in peace, I have found it.
One gentle, peaceful step, and then another.
Creating a life path of peace, one step at a time.

We are born from silence.
If we live from the silence within, we know our wholeness
lives there too.
It is limitless, eternal, trustworthy, joyous, compassionate,
loving and real.
Wholeness is not broken.
It cannot be broken, as each piece is part of the whole
and contains the mystery of the whole.
We cannot run from wholeness or turn away from it.
It goes with us, because we are wholeness.
I look at my finger and it is not only a finger. It is a part of a hand
that is part of an arm, that is part of a shoulder, that is part of a body,
that is part of creation, and creation is wholeness.
This truth is challenging to understand. We cannot find wholeness
because it is not lost.
We are wholeness. When our mind is quiet and still, our heart is open,
and our trust is strong, trust turns and looks straight into our eyes and
speaks, “Here I am, I am wholeness. I have always been here. I was
with you before you were born and I remain throughout time, because
I am you.”
It is up to us to live our life in wholeness … to turn to it, and grasp it,
through conscious living.
Wholeness is the part of us that we touch from time to time when we
pray, meditate and contemplate.
The more we touch our wholeness, the more we believe in its
existence. It is our belief in the existence of our wholeness that
makes us whole.