A Season of Peace

I’m sharing a little gift to celebrate the season of peaceful coexistence. It is an energy psychology based mindfulness-based meditation. It contains the use of the Radiant Energies Balance relaxation posture and the Heart Massage – Heart Circles which creates inner peacefulness and energetic balance. You can use this meditation to help you fall asleep at night or to relax during a stress-filled day. The Heart Massage-Heart Circles is an almost instant energetic balance.

Script for Mindful Meditation with Radiant Energies Balance

Desired Outcome:  A Desired Outcome is the result you want to obtain from your meditation.  For example, “Inner quiet” and  “a feeling of connection” are two possible desired outcomes. 

REB Posture

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Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted.  Sit or recline comfortably.  Your head and neck and spine are aligned for positive energy flow and comfort.  Allow your body to sink into its most comfortable position, adjusting your body as needed to create maximum results. 

Take some nice deep breaths and allow your body to begin to relax.  Each breath takes you into a deeper state of soft and comfortable relaxation … to a place of love and emotional safety. 

Choose a desired outcome for the meditation … a virtue that you would like to embrace and experience more deeply in your daily life.  Kindness, loyalty, love, freedom, creativity, joy, forgiveness, compassion, acceptance … choose the virtue that you want and need deep within.  Keep your chosen virtue in mind and close to your heart as you drift deeper into peacefulness.

With your eyes closed, allow yourself to drift into a quiet, relaxed place, a deeper state of comfort and well-being.  Begin to use the REB relaxation posture. Your right hand is resting on your body under your left breast with your fingers pointing under your arm, maybe they reach around to your side.  Your left hand reaches across your body, resting on top of your right arm with the little finger of your left hand resting about an inch above your right elbow. Your ankles are comfortably crossed in the way that feels most comfortable to you.  Your tongue is on the gum ridge behind your upper teeth.  Your breathing is slow and easy with a nice steady, even rhythm. As you rest in this posture you realize that you are more in the current moment, your mind is quiet, your thoughts have slowed and become less important to you. You can feel your nervous system calming and the inner tension lessening.  There is no where you would rather be at this moment.  Where you are now feels soothing, safe and peaceful, comfortable and relaxing.  You are exactly where you want to be … you are doing exactly what you want to do.  You want to relax and rejuvenate.  You welcome the feelings of relief and well-being you are experiencing.   You cherish the calm, soft feelings that accompany the quietness you are creating within.  You are peaceful, and your thoughts are slowing … becoming quiet and still.

Begin to imagine that you can see yourself from head to toe as you breathe and relax. You can see your whole body as you hold the posture … and you have a conscious experience of your whole being. You notice what you are wearing. You notice how your body looks and feels as you relax. There might be a gentle smile on your lips and the image is soothing.  The wholeness of the image is soothing and comforting to you. As you continue, breathe fully in a naturally deep way, each breath calming you, creating a feeling of wellness and well-being.  Each breath carrying you into a softer, deeper state of peacefulness.

As you relax within the feeling of wholeness, you begin to sense your own energy field.  Your energy field surrounds your entire body and you can sense it.  Perhaps you can see yourself within your energy field.  It is as if you are floating in a highly energized bubble … floating right in the middle of the bubble.  Your energy bubble is soothing, and you feel surrounded by love.  Notice that your energy field is both invigorating and soothing.  Full of life, full of vigor, yet calm and life-giving.

You are floating in your energy bubble and you are completely comfortable and deeply and peacefully relaxed. You see yourself as whole, and you are experiencing a sense of wellness and well-being. You see yourself calm and relaxed, becoming more and more safe and more trusting the longer you are aware of yourself within your energy bubble. You are centered within the field. You feel balanced … connected to Earth, to life.  You feel connected to Universal Love.  You experiencing the love as it flows through your entire being … warm comforting unconditional love.  Somehow you know that within this energy bubble, relaxed and calm, that all good things are possible in your life.  There are no limitations for your health and healing, no limitations to your emotional expansion.  No limit to your experience of emotional freedom.  You understand in a conscious and aware way what limitless actually means.

You understand the full implications of your limitless potential.  You feel loved and you feel safe.  You are content and in touch with the wisdom within.

Bring to consciousness your desired outcome … the virtue you are bringing into reality.  Focus on your desired outcome … the virtue …  you want to strengthen within your spirit.  

Begin to breathe in your desired outcome with each inhale, letting the energy of the virtue flow through your entire mind and body … touching every cell of your being … feeling the positive result as it flows through you.  Breathe in this way, in and out, allowing your virtue to permeate each cell of your body, flow through your blood stream, touch your heart … quieting your mind.  Breathing n and out, absorb the virtue.  Become the virtue. (pause a few seconds before continuing)

You are beginning to become more aware of your surroundings and more aware of your body as it rests comfortably.  You can sense the room around you and hear the sounds coming into the quietness.  You continue to experience your body resting peacefully.  You feel, and experience a total calm, total mental quietness, your thoughts remaining quiet and still.  The feeling of well-being continues to be with you and you notice all aspects of the well-being as you become more fully aware of your surroundings, more fully alert.  The feelings of well-being, wholeness, and wellness remain with you.

When you are ready to do so, release the posture and complete a heart massage.  Place your right hand over your heart and begin to circle your hand in a clockwise direction, circling to the left and down and around…repeating your chosen virtue over and over as you move your hands in a clockwise direction. You might want to add a supporting affirmation that strengthens your experience.  

Heart Massage Diagram

When you are ready, open your eyes, feeling refreshed, calm, and clear.

When fully focused and present in the room, go to your special mindfulness journal and write about your experience.  This helps you integrate your insights into all aspects of your daily life.

*Heart massage graphic and directions from Dr. Barbara Stone, Invisible Roots, 2008)