‘Tis the Season of Love

There is only one thing in the world we can’t live without, and that is love. It is essential for life to exist.

Love moves mountains. Opens hearts.  Awakens the soul so that we see with our hearts as clearly as with our eyes.

Soul Detective work has taught me several truths about spirituality and life that I’d like to share with you.

  1. Love is the answer to everything.
  2. What we think we see and what are mind tells us is true is sometimes only an illusion.
  3. Angles and spiritual guides and teachers do exist and do help us in our daily life.
  4. There are dimensions of life that are unseen by most of us, however they are as real as you and I.

Love is the primary ingredient of every particle and cell of everything in all of creation from humans to fish, to lions and polar bears and our precious pets, to the sand, the moon and stars.

While we can’t see love, we can experience it through our five senses as well as through our spiritual nature.

Just like the dark is transformed by the light, the world and all things in it are transformed by love.

Where there is LOVE, there is no destruction or war.

Where there is love, there is no criticism or negative judgment.  Where there is love, there is compassion and kindness, understanding, support, and forgiveness.

Together, we can make the world a more loving place by dedicating our lives to loving and caring for ourselves and our fellow life travelers.

We can help stop cruelty by ceasing to be cruel to anything or anyone created by the universal power who brought all things into being. We can help stop hunger and starvation of humans and animals by noticing lack and taking time to provide food and shelter through the donation of time or money.

We can end greed by becoming aware that there is enough of everything for every person and animal on the planet.  There is no need to hoard or hide.  There is no need to become a victim of circumstance. There is plenty if you embrace what you have and allow it to grow.

As this year comes to a close, let us adopt an abundance philosophy.

As 2014 is born, let the spirit of love become your beacon of light and the GPS to your inner wisdom.

I’d like to share with you two poems dictated by two different members of my spiritual family and published as part of my book Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self-Care. They invite us to rely on love and unity rather than getting lost in fear, aloneness, and suffering.  They encourage each of us to embrace a life lived in peaceful unity with each other and creation.

Listen below as I share a short poem called My Friend and then read Systems Theory.

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