The Secret to Mindfulness

It is always nice to meet new friends, especially friends who work holistically as I do.  Meet Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH and host of The Secret to Everything radio show, airing each Wednesday 7-8pm EST on Blogtalkradio (  I’ll be Kimberly’s guest Wednesday February 29th as we talk about energy medicine and other health related topics like Radical Self-Care.   ~Janet

“To be in your body is to be present…to be present is to be connected to the divine…” ~Mariel Hemingway

The definition of Mindfulness according to Wikipedia is “awareness”.   We are taught that in order to be “mindful”… our minds have to be in a constant flow of thoughts, ideas, opinions, judgments and impressions.  That is the epitome of awareness…we think.  Mindfulness is actually something of a conundrum.  What if…as an energy clearing statement I like to use says, “Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be?”  What if being mindful actually meant having a clear…still and quiet mind…not just in a state of meditation…but 100% of the time!

Everyone is interested in manifesting.   One of the most common tools being taught are how to visualize and state affirmations.  Those are wonderful tools but being truly mindful is like taking out the sharpest sword instead of using your kitchen paring knife.  You MUST learn this secret to be a powerful and effective manifestor.

The truth is…you are a powerful energetic antennae…receiving thoughts, pictures, sounds, impressions and ideas…from everywhere and everyone.  Because you hear these things “in your head”…you think they come from you.  This is fantastic if they aren’t obsessive or dark…or crazy.  Disturbing and distracting if they are.  So we meditate, pray and medicate our thoughts away…just so we can function from a semi peaceful place and “get through the day”.  What if those thoughts are really the people in the mall?  Your family…friends…or coworkers?

An easy tool to use to determine whose thought is whose is to say the statement out loud or to yourself…”Is this thought mine?” or “Whose thought is this?”.  This question breaks the energy enough to where if this thought isn’t yours…it will 9 out of 10 times…simply disappear.  If you practice this exercise for 3-5 days…you will experience a new stillness that I doubt you have EVER felt….even in the depths of meditation or yoga.

In order to reclaim your personal power and guidance and to have the SPACE to create…you MUST come from a QUIET mind.  Then…there is the space for CREATION and INSPIRATION to flow to you from the Universe.  For God and the Universe want to gift you the most magical existence where you create the magic in your life.

Practice having a still mind 100% of the time and you will find you have been handed another secret key to powerful manifestation.

Dr. Kimberly J. McGeorge, ND, CNH
An excerpt from the soon to be released E-book; The Secret to Everything: Manifestation
Host of The Secret to Everything heard each Wednesday 7-8pm EST on Blogtalkradio