The Miracle that Teaches

Once in a while, something happens that has no explanation. You see it, examine it, ask questions about it, and discuss it with friends and family. But, they don’t know the answer either. But, I do know a lesson is being taught through the miracle of the Morning Glories on my deck.

My question? What in the world is keeping these Morning Glory vines green, budding, and blooming? My mind and soul are screaming – What?  WHAT? And HOW?

Here is the short story behind my question? I live in a condo with my husband when not at home in North Carolina. My downstairs neighbor plants Morning Glories each summer and they grow up the deck pole and form a beautiful green vine with booms that make my deck rail come alive. About a week ago she pulled the plants from the ground and cut the vine away from her patio pole. This left the remaining plant crawling around and hanging from my deck rail. There was an immediate wilting of some of the vines, but most of the vines continued to live and bloom. I didn’t even know the mother plant had been pulled from the ground! I thought the cooler weather was causing them to wilt but decided to leave them in place.

Each day there are more and more blooms, and each day I am more and more determined to share this fantastic story. The vine is covered in buds and new growth. It is almost spooky. It is certainly weird. And, this vine is an absolutely deafening testament to the will to live! I’ve not touched the vine as I am so amazed by its stamina. It is being cared for by an unseen force – the same unseen force that takes care of you and me.

So what is your perspective? Do you have the same will to live? Do I?

This humble Morning Glory plant is a mind awakening visual affirmation that validates what I’ve been teaching for years. Within you (and every living being) is everything you need to thrive! If it is in these Morning Glories, it is within you! The Morning Glory is using every bit of strength it has to burst forth with the most beautiful blooms of the season – to create a vine full of buds that are determined to burst into glorious beauty.

This Morning Glory miracle is a gift to me so I can learn and become more of my authentic, dynamic self. It is a gift to show me I can trust without question. And now because I’m sharing, these fantastic Morning Glories are an opportunity for you to grow and become more of what you are meant to become.

I am attaching photos of this Morning Glory miracle so you can see for yourself and also see that the plant is not rooted in the pots on my deck.


I affirm: I meet my life challenges with the same strength that this Morning Glory has displayed.

Will you make the same affirmation?