By now many of you know that my newest book Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages was published the end of May 2015. The messages contain a great deal of wisdom from the teacher Yeshua as he told his stories to me one after another until all one Hundred were recorded.

Many human beings suffer from a lack of self-worth. If you are one of them, this might be your antidote. Even if you embrace your worth, this may enhance its quality and strength.

Message 27 is about feeling worth and gaining insight into just how worthy you really are. We are all messengers, and we all have a message to share that only we can share.

Message 27

Recorded 7.24.14

“Humility to me means the ability to be good at what you do and remain at peace with your gifts.”

yeshua-200x300I had mixed feelings about myself like all humans do. And because of the mixed feelings, i, like you, worked hard to be in balance each day of my life. I worked hard, never ceasing, to remain in a perfect state of balance that allowed me maximum access to my home and father and guaranteed i’d have the energy and power to get my work completed, including my last act of love.

Self-doubt is normal. However, it is not normal to allow self-doubt to overcome you leaving you useless to yourself and others. Humility to me means the ability to be good at what you do and remain at peace with your gifts. When at peace with your gifts there is no arrogance, you do not display the behavior of one who is proud of his accomplishments, wanting public recognition for those accomplishments, thus finding his self-worth.

Self-worth does not naturally flow from your accomplishments. It is better to have self-worth before you attempt a big job: that said job being why you came to planet earth in the first place. Here is how i recommend you find your self-worth.

Note that you are not only the son or daughter of your parents, but son or daughter of your holy father. That should let you know you are important and your work is important. Notice the messages you receive when praying or meditating in silence. Notice from whence those messages come. They come from your inner awareness and from the voices of those who guide and protect you. Some of those voices come from the saints and the angels. Knowing that should give you a sense of your own worth. You have saints and angels interested in your life and work. This is big stuff (for all, not) only for those who walk in love. Everyone has a guidance squad, but not everyone knows each member personally, only those on their own inner journey.

Once you know your life’s mission, your guidance team will ask of you, describing small and less strenuous jobs. You will be successful with these jobs and this will give you the power to accept the larger more risky jobs. Not risky to your life, but major jobs that the universe needs to have completed successfully. Once you complete your first major job successfully you will know that you are who you are and you will see how much you are appreciated and loved.

Also, be able to look into your own eyes and say you are worthy of the task and are loved from above. As you say, “I am worthy of the task, and i am loved by those who guide and teach me and loved by my holy father: therefore i am worthy of all things positive and enjoyable in life.” Notice how special you feel after saying that sentence. The recognition of what is true for you is important.

Never feel guilty when you stop to rest. Proper rest is needed to have complete access to your spirit self. Proper rest is also needed for a healthy mind and body. Rest is a necessity. No need for guilt.

These are my suggestions.

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