Peace of Mind

Teri Griffin Williams welcome as guest blogger and book launch partner. We are so happy to have you share your words of wisdom today. We all want to know how to increase out Peace of Mind.

Teri Williams is dedicated to living a Simple Soulful Life and inspiring others to listen to their souls calling. She is an author, producer, radio host, publisher, philanthropist, social media consultant and spiritual adviser empowering others with tools designed for their unique needs. For over 20 years she has practiced different forms of energy, meditation and alternative healing technique’s, incorporating them into every aspect of her life.

“I hold many titles. They are just names – who I really am is a human being, loving life, grateful for everyone and everything that crosses my path. I hope to shed a little light on someone else’s path through my writing and work.”  ~Teri Griffin Williams

Peace of Mind

Guest post by Teri Griffin Williams

What exactly does that mean, peace of mind? Does it mean that you are never bothered by anything? Does it mean being in a seemingly super drugged out state of pure joy and bliss? We’re human. Stuff bothers us. We get annoyed, frustrated, and well, pissed off!

Maniacal drivers, crabby cashiers, loud startling noises, double dipping, parents who don’t pay attention to their children, and animal abusers are some of the triggers on my list of things that cause me to go from Blissed to pissed.

Peace of mind, to me, means recognizing when these and other actions irritate me, connecting with the emotions and feelings attached to those things and finding my way back to balance. It means living with my own actions, without regret or guilt and being comfortable with who I am. It’s a feeling of calmness and serenity, even when the life around me seems off kilter, out of synch and just crazy.

How do we reconnect with our soul self when something throws us off? Just like riding a bike, it begins with practice. Below are a few simple tools you can use right now to create more peace of mind in your life.

1. Breathe – When something threatens to rock your peace of mind, breathe. Pretty simple, right? Studies have shown that deep breathing, even for just a few minutes, can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, bringing you back to a place of calmness and serenity. Learning deep breathing techniques, meditation, and/or yoga can significantly reduce your overall levels of anxiety and stress, which naturally leads to more patience and tolerance of others.

2. Smile – Smiling, even for a minute, reduces blood pressure, releases serotonin, improves the immune function, lifts the face and causes others to smile, too. It’s creates a chain reaction of positive energy.  Statistics have shown that smiling and being positive is contagious. (  The next time you feel like your “loosing your mind” look at yourself in the mirror with a really big smile!

3. Laugh – One of the greatest sounds on Earth is laughter. It’s infectious; one can’t help but feel better when laughter is shared! A good laugh benefits us physically, emotionally and spiritually and its effects can last in the body for hours. “Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” ~ Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D. Practice Laughter Yoga (I do!) and begin laughing for no reason today- you’ll get the benefits both physiologically and psychologically and so will those around you.

These techniques can be used immediately to reconnect you with your peace of mind, where you feel calmer and more at ease. Breathe, smile and laugh your way to simple soulful living!

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