Our Capacity to LOVE

You and I have the capacity to be great.

Within our hearts is the yearning to love our fellow men, to be kind and compassionate. This man, Narayanan Krishnan, a CNN Hero, has dedicated his life to feeding and caring for the homeless, mentally ill and frightened men, women, and children of India. If he can do this, you and I can be mindful of the people around us, and do what we can. Raising the consciousness of mankind is absolutely necessary if we are to ever achieve a loving, peaceful world.

Mindfulness teaches us that the suffering of one of us is the suffering of all of us. We all aren’t starving to death, but we, at some level of our being, feel the pain of those who are. In order for all of us to feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually, it is necessary to lift up those who need our help.

We can Smile at everyone regardless of race, religion, size, gender, age, social class.

We can open a door for an old man walking with a cane.

We can offer respect to the man or woman living life from a wheelchair.

We can find opportunities to volunteer in our communities.

We can send love and care to a sick neighbor.

We can show up at a nursing home, brining love and kindness with us.

We can find charity in our hearts for the animals living in kill shelters and offer our money and our homes to save their lives.

We can let go of our troubling past and embrace life in this moment.

There are so many little and big things a mindful person can do to make this world a better place!

What will you do this week?

Take a moment to watch this CNN video.  It will touch your heart and open you up so you can find your role as a fellow human being in a world that can be cold and hard.


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